Gahmuret the Angevine

A knight contemplates his life…                                                                                                            

In the silencSir_Galahad_(Watts)e of a moment, a silence so deep you could lose your mind, I reflect on my old mask, you know the one, with the thin smile. And what of my armor with shield and sword which I held up against the world? The armor I polished every day adding accolades to its mesh, the shield which hid me from all undesirable thoughts. Yes, love, compassion, and altruism I could feel but I choose not to as I let the sword cut away anything that ruined my view of my reality. So was the shield hiding me from the world or from myself? Was my sword there to facilitate my way in the world or make it difficult for me? I held my armor for years and many battles, did it protect me or did it quicken my demise?  

I thought I heard someone from the Grail Castle say that the land has healed, and a question’s asked for a question’s sake, and our beloved Amfortas the Angler is well. It was then that my metal prison became of no importance, I left it lying in the snow with the others as I took my leave from this battle. I hope to never again become this familiar with war and death.

I dream of home, not the home of my birth but the Norse home of my ancestors, of the Poetic Eddas and it’s hero Odin, his ravens close behind. We are traveling to northern lands where forest grows darker and foreboding into the night. Beyond the silent gate of sleep, to the other side of the Aurora where the souls of lost loved ones still await reunion. This is the gate to the sun. We travel 800 in all through 540 passages to the great warrior hall of Valhalla, where Odin awaits us all.  


13 thoughts on “Gahmuret the Angevine

  1. So poignant and beautifully written JC. The mask and thin smile, the shield. By droppping it Guhmuret is finally free to feel life to the full. So much wisdom in your words.

    I am delightfully startled that you feel your ancestors home being the Norse…Eddas, Odin and all. This is my ancestral home:) Aurora, so beautiful, represented more than I knew. Thanks for new wisdoms.
    I do recognise also no 9.:)

    To finish with the beauty and strength of Beethoven is perfect.

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    1. Thank you Mirja. This was one that came to me in pieces like a puzzle and then you finally realize how it all comes together as we all come together.


  2. I latched onto the word Norse remembering my graduate course on Old Norse. I finally went to Scandinavia to the Norse world. Beethoven is one of my favorites as well with the music clip. Thank you for adding the element of sound to your writing.

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      1. It did go hand in hand. The music connection is powerful. Music is food for the soul. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are among my favorites, but I like most forms of music. Happy writing to you. 🙂

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  3. I’ll have to re-read and re-read as much of this is foreign to me. However, “It was then that my metal prison became of no importance, I left it lying in the snow with the others as I took my leave from this battle” did resonate. I imagine that’s how we’ll all feel at some point when we leave our bodies here on earth.

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  4. Beautifully written, JC and how true we all hold up a shield during our lives on this earth. Those who dare lift it are those who experience life to the full and let others see their true selves. May we all achieve that before our final moments. How true about the dark and forboding of the forests in Scandinavia as night falls…how I’d love to travel beyond to the northern lights. Lovely thought-provoking post (I would expect no less!!).

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