Daydreams of Shiva

 A poem about the eFullSizeRender (3)ternal…

In domestic environs
So sweet but so numb
I think you have sought
A dance with my thoughts
My thoughts that lay deep
In the deepest of sleep.

You came from a void
And not just for naughtFullSizeRender (4)
But to take of my life
What the devil had sought
To turn it around
Of all opposite thoughts.

On a horse with no reins
That Perceval maintains
Over the Liffey cried, James
Where Shiva remains.

I follow this thread
Through the laborite’s great hall
In the center, it laid
Where no steps had been made.FullSizeRender (2)

In secrets domain,
Where talk still remains                                     Of our Pilgrims great shame
For the family that chatters
As rumors do tatter.

For those who seek far
And those who seek wide
A knight must decide
What the moon surely hides                                                                                                                         And why must epiphanies always be disguised



18 thoughts on “Daydreams of Shiva

  1. Your poem scans so beautiful and it’s deep content has taken me a few reads.:) The pilgrim has left the safety and dogmas behind and has to find his own truth. The epiphany wil make a sudden appearance and give clarity.
    The song is just wonderful. Brought tears to my eyes.

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  2. Yes I concur with what everyone has said about this lovely piece it really is perfect and I love the subject matter you did justice to this my friend

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