Antoine Fats Domino

You have to just stop and raise your hands to the sky and wonder what’s going on? A few weeks ago we lost Tom Petty and now it’s personal, someone from home. Many thought Katrina got to him at his home in the lower ninth ward, but he is rescued… thank God he didn’t go down […]

On The Shoulders of Giants… look around!

  This post is part of a series of guest post authored by myself and other bloggers, published to my friend Monica’s blog site,‘look around!’Do yourself a favor and check out her blog at: and my post On The Shoulders of Giants at: around!. In time I also heard a singular voice whisper to […]

Book Review, The Painted Veil

 By W. Somerset Maugham “Lift not the painted veil which those who live call Life”             -Shelley W.Somerset Maugham has long been one of my favorite authors in part because he pulls together different streams of life into a composite that leaves you thinking far after the last word’s read. […]

Gahmuret the Angevine

A knight contemplates his life…                                                                                                        […]


      You were simple in your outlook on life; never needing to impress Loving football, eating, collecting pocket knives and scary movies More inclined to do for others, you never wanted to rock the boat Just keep it sound and steady, not liking when things went adrift.

Lessons Learned… A Eulogy

My brother died in September of 2009 after a two-year battle with cancer. He was simple in his outlook on life; never needing to impress anyone. He loved football, over indulged when it came to eating, collected pocket knives and had a love for scary movies. He was more inclined to do for others than […]

Blowing Rock

“Our life today is not conclusion; a sequel stands beyond where we will walk hand in hand. It is as invisible as music but positive as sound.”                          – Emily Dickenson The morning air nips at my hands on this autumn day as I […]