Parkinson’s Disease



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5 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Disease

    1. I love that song! And the quote; one of the meanings of life.. to let others know what we are! Thanks for visiting and for all the ‘likes’… 🙂


  1. I like your blog… My grandfather had it.. But it never defined him. He is remembered by all as the gentlest of souls. It is interesting for me to look from your perspective. And you are creative – writing is after all, art and expression 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment! Your Grandfather had it right… never let it define you. I read an E-book written by a friend after his diagnoses; it was full of anger and depression. I decided I’d write my own story and along the way I figured out that I love to write. Thus, my blog was born as an extension of me.

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      1. Writing is the best, it’s amazing that you can share so much! I am still not ready for the really personal stuff.. Going into the blogging slowly. And I remember watching Love and other drugs and Anne Hathaway’s terrible performance and that’s when I realized that some people might have been frustrated about it. People are different and it’s really beautiful when we can peek through their window and get to see another perspective.

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