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“We cannot change anything unless we accept it.”
-Carl Jung

“My boat strikes something deep, at first sounds of silence, waves. Nothing has happened; or perhaps everything has happened and I am sitting in my new life.”

My sails catch wind from inhospitable surroundings into darkened waters. And to see any light only intends to surround me with more darkness. It is in this velvet serenity that at times I feel most at home. Give me the bare shadow of a new moon or the slight crescent of the bull moon so not to take away from the seemingly contradictory warmth of a dark cold night. I visit this place often and its focus is always on a new understanding, a perception different from the previous stay but somehow the same in its approach to life and love.                                                   032

Many of you know I struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Well in the years since my diagnoses I have kept on working. At first, I didn’t slow down and tried to
maintain the same schedule or degree of productivity but we all get older and naturally slow down and then to add a degenerative physical and cognitive condition to the mix; well time comes to every decision and so it is for early retirement. 

However, when one door closes, another one opens so I’ve been given the gift of extra time, time for reading, writing and blogging plus an exercise program compliments of my neurologist. And there is the promise of writing a book one day that I made to a good friend. So it’s time to turn the page to the next chapter.

Pease, JC


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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

20 thoughts on “Turn the Page”

  1. Thank you Jeff for this positive post in spite of what sounded dark ” I visit this place often and its focus is always on a new understanding, a perception different from the previous stay but somehow the same in its approach to life and love”.

    The photo of what I presume is your desk gives such a warm and open insight to your day. Literature, walks, photos of loved ones…glasses. A window into your day. And peaceful it looks.
    With this attitude I am sure you will find joy as you step through that new door to a creative life. Do follow your friend’s advice.

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  2. JC, the two quotes resonate particularly with me during tricky times. I like the thought that of I’m sitting in my new life! I hope! Wishing you peace in your decision of early retirement, even if a result of Parkinson’s. How exciting to read about your intention to write a book and maybe in the future you will post more about it! Warmest wishes

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    1. Thank you so much, Annika. I’m excited even with Parkinson’s still around. Now I may have time to read all the books I never had time to read before.

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