The Lamp and the Abyss

My nature is light, nothing but light. When the world arises, I alone am shining.
-Ashtavakra Gita 2:8       

I stand transfixed; my mind’s eye takes in everything before my brain has time to confuse it with reasoning. As this subtle untarnished revelation unfolds, I search my coat pockets for a pen and paper and transcribe into words what I’ve witnessed.

A mysterious orb has exploded while still retaining the contour of its original shape. It reminds me of an eye, dark and luminous rotating in its socket. An Continue reading The Lamp and the Abyss

Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Changes

028“Life is a constant reassessment of a reassessment of a reassessment”.                            -Jimmie Dale Gillmor

One day, not too long ago, I was reading my old journals and it dawned on me that issues I wrote about back then are still with me today, maybe even stronger. Has anything changed? I’m still questioning demons that I assumed I’d released  Continue reading Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Changes