The Frozen Man… Chapter Five, Cognition

IN THE TIME OF NOT QUITE KNOWING Continue reading The Frozen Man… Chapter Five, Cognition

Questions From the Big Chair

What is life? Do you feel the seconds and minutes counting down your life are out of mind? You spend your day from task to task feeling like you’re standing immobile in your own body as a prisoner without a direction, sails laid bare, floating in a sea of indifference.

In Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Levin asks a few troubling questions, so troubling that he hides a gun and a rope knowing he may one day be so troubled by a lack of answers that he will want to end his life. I know it sounds drastic but Tolstoy modeled the character, Levin, after himself and the author did indeed carry a gun and rope with him. Levin’s questions are the same questions we are philosophically inclined to wonder about… what is life. Continue reading Questions From the Big Chair

Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Changes

028“Life is a constant reassessment of a reassessment of a reassessment”.                            -Jimmie Dale Gillmor

One day, not too long ago, I was reading my old journals and it dawned on me that issues I wrote about back then are still with me today, maybe even stronger. Has anything changed? I’m still questioning demons that I assumed I’d released  Continue reading Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Changes