Antoine Fats Domino

You have to just stop and raise your hands to the sky and wonder what’s going on? A few weeks ago we lost Tom Petty and now it’s personal, someone from home. Many thought Katrina got to him at his home in the lower ninth ward, but he is rescued… thank God he didn’t go down in that way.

My mother passed on to me her love of Fats Domino. She still has the original vinyl records she used to play when I was growing up; his music constantly in the air like a musical score. I would carefully lift up the needle on the arm of the phonograph so I could play the previous song again, hoping my mother wouldn’t notice. Though she always knew but didn’t say anything at times as she wanted to hear the song again too.

His music was like a train running at high speed throughout the city… from the Pontchartrain, on to the Quarters making its way down river as it surrenders to the currents in the gulf stream. You couldn’t help but tap your foot to this new music called rock & roll, which to Fats is just rhythm & blues on a little speed.

Just about anyone who has ever played music owes a debt to Fats Domino. The rest of us in our own simple way can show respect to a man who all he ever wanted was to make people happy with his music.

Thanks for the music Fats and to the city we both love.


12 thoughts on “Antoine Fats Domino

  1. Sad day, again. I actually met him when I was living in NOLA, years ago. Quite a guy, and a founding father of modern rock, soul, and R&B. And you’re right, most people thought he passed during Katrina. I heard more people say that today. I’ll never forget his house pre-Katrina. So yellow, initials on the eaves. Landmark. He’ll be missed by millions. 😔

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  2. The evening before your post came out I had just listened to his songs on the news where they covered some as part of the news. His singing and music is beautiful and saved for prosperity.
    One thing really touched me and that was the warmth and joy that seemed t shine out from him.
    Thank you for sharing your personal memory playing this as a boy.

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