On The Porch, 6 AM

Dawn is approaching, 6 AM,
Zack is pacing, growing impatient,
I hobble out of bed to let him out,
It’s nice out here,
I should have coffee on the porch,
I tuck this away, go inside and lock the door.

But this morning is different,
I needn’t be so mechanical,
Cup in hand as I enter into the predawn chill,
My four-legged friend at my side,
He’s amazed and excited,
I’m not telling him to go back to bed.

I bathe in the stillness, only dawns light is moving,
The familiar cadence of crickets in the distance,
Birds are calling out, they want breakfast too,
Flowers are starting to bloom in spring colors,
As a blanket of stars smile down in silence,
The world is in the raw,
Before it becomes what we think it should be.

I hear a car horn breaking the spell,
The voice of Gram whispers,
“The moon and stars are going to bed now”,
The magic is going, going, gone.

I must do this again,
But why only on the porch in the dark,
I see the cats sitting on the window sill,
In silence like meditating Buddha’s,
They know, they always have,
As sure as the sun is rising,
The secret is not in the doing,
It’s in the being.


*Photo courtesy of Pixabay

*First published in April 2015


25 thoughts on “On The Porch, 6 AM

  1. Thank you Jeff for this poetic rendition of a special morning. It is just very
    beautiful and conveys the peaceful stillness. ” I needn’t be so mechanical” you say.” Change habits to enjoy life more fully – and amaze Zack.:)

    ” The secret is not in the doing,
    It’s in the being. ”
    How right you are and I also treasure mornings like this, before all noise begins.
    The music is wonderful too. 😊🦋 .

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    1. Thank you, Miriam, how many mornings we let slip by, not enjoying the gift of dawn. May we not let another one go by without an open heart.


  2. Beautiful morning reflections, JC! 😀 You capture that raw, unadulterated feeling of the dawn perfectly and the poetry is both in your words and the meaning. I love the idea of a ‘blanket of stars’ …in such moments being is a miracle and a sensation to savour.

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    1. Thank you, Annika. It’s a good thing you can’t see stars in the daytime for I would be out there all day long. They settle my soul. with each miracle they bring.

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  3. This poem’s incredible, I agree with the other comments on here beautiful poem and even more beautiful ending =D Extremely eloquent JC, RIP Tom Petty I always shoutsang Free Fallin everytime it came on in the car

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  4. It was good to have your dog by your side as you breathed in the magic of a new day. Our pets never ask for much more than to be in our company. I find as I grow older, voices of my now deceased loved ones whisper their wisdom in my ear, as well. I find that I now find the time and will to heed their advice. Your stunning words transport me to both my past and future… a nostalgic journey with hints of what is to be. Absolutely enthralling piece.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree, our pets have a sense and know us on a deeper level. and yes, even those that have pasted, speak to us.

      Thank you for reading my words, as they are nothing without you there to embrace them.

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