Face In The Crowd

“Reality is like a face reflected in the blade of a knife; its properties depend on the angle from which we view it.”
-Master Hsing Yun, “Describing the Indescribable”

When asked if he was happy, Garrison Keillor stated, “I have a cheerful heart but not a cheerful demeanor.” The problem with this is if you can’t see a warm inviting smile on a person it requires a little more faith on your part to see a smile in the heart. I too share this dilemma of a lack of facial expressions thus creating a sense that I am either disconcerted or aloof. But my frozen face comes by way of Mr. Parkinson.

An abundance of dopamine can put on a smile, the lack of it leaves a blank expressionless void. As Parkinson’s’ controls your muscle it can reduce automatic facial movements. Look at me and you will see a solemn face, it may look angry or like I’m sulking or in deep thought. But it’s just a face, a form given to me. An image I’m at fault to have fostered with a continuous array of mask.

We read too much of what is on the outside of the form we inhabit. One must look within and what’s within may surprise you. And how do you find what is within? My method of sailing these waters is the written word; for others, it’s music or painting. But to find the jeweled point you’ve got to dig for the source, the energizing principle, the fire in the mind.

But still, the face can be a problem. Sure a cheerless demeanor may serve us well for a social cause, political rally or a somber occasion. But not in joyful situations. It doesn’t display contentment. It is not ecstatic or jovial, one needs a certain type of face for those and the personality to go with it. If I’m on cloud nine, I still look like I’m on cloud one. You see it all the time; someone looks like they had to have a smile painted on or pried open with a crowbar. I guess in the end it’s just easier to read a smiling happy face for it doesn’t matter the cause, it’s happy and you can always get along with that. But any other type and you enter a puzzle and people don’t often like puzzles of this sort.

My face is not a reflection of my heart which is joyful, which reads of my soul, which is always evaluating, pushing me to be the best, bidding me to think positive thoughts. My face, if it reflects anything is an image of the stillpoint deep within, that stillpoint in each of us that is completely one with all others.


*Image Pixabay

21 thoughts on “Face In The Crowd

  1. Your words don’t only bring joy to me, they also show your heart. I agree that we need to read the souls of people rather than their outer form.
    Thank you for sharing this important piece and bringing awareness to those of us who read it.

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  2. Love this line “My face, if it reflects anything is an image of the stillpoint deep within, that stillpoint in each of us that is completely one with all others.” So often I have been told I am “too serious” or look angry when I felt nothing like that on the inside. And I don’t have Mr. Parkinson going on behind the scenes either. Great topic. Especially great is the way you wrote about it.

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  3. Beautifully written post Jeff and I love your song and quote.
    I sympathise deeply with your struggle coping each day with Parkinson’s and fully understand it’s implication both socially and privately.
    I would say one thing; don’t forget that the eyes are the window to the soul and having someone’s kind eyes meeting yours make up for many a smile.

    I don’t find here that smiles in the streets are in abundance, if anything faces seem to be too closed and introverted. Again, the difference is if you happen
    to meet someone’s eyes in brief recognition and a small smile.
    Parties now, they can be different and have these exaggerated grins.

    Thoughts from a fellow wanderer on this Earth.

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    1. Thank you, Miriam, for your thoughts on this subject. yes, the eyes do see for the heart, it’s just difficult at times to split yourself up. But this makes you stronger and I will survive all these small incidents…. jc


  4. Your writing is full of joy and love. I know some people who laugh all the time, but I also know deep down, they aren’t truly happy. All that matters is the light in your soul, and I have seen yours shine so brilliantly through your articles. 🔥

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