The Call

The CallWe can’t embrace the warmth of the Sacred Father, the sun, locked in our comfort zone, nor without first venturing through the shadow land of the night, the storm… the abyss, the way of the left, the Nederland Path, which can never be duplicated.
-Heinrich Zimmer, The Art of Indian Asia

The Call is like the neon streets of the night and you’re pulled by faith into an immersed tunnel. And what causes you to follow this ever so faint voice in the wind, but convictions of the heart. And it’s telling you to stop being fooled by the imperious ego, who designated itself king of your life. Now it’s time to step outside your small world as in a leap of faith over a chasm or in setting sail to an unknown shore.

We find that as our aspirations and yearnings come to us, they come not as expected but staged in different acts of an unexpected play with an unforeseen cast. Yes, we always get what we need and at the same time what we truly want, be it known only in the deep recesses of the soul as the soul sees us for who we are. Through snippets of framed events like the reel of a projector, it all seems as though it happens overnight.

But water flows drip by drip and we walk step by step, and then…wham, an overnight awareness that took years to unfold. It is the same throughout the world, withstanding cultural differences and social taboos; streams of incidents culminated in significant events in which one may feel themselves abruptly take a 90-degree turn with the aid of an enigmatic symbol held in close proximity to this transformation.

These serendipitous symbols facilitate a chain of events which may seem unrelated but will juxtapose at a correct position and as a result, new thoughts will come to light. This is the change from childhood to adolescence accept the call can happen at any stage of life, any number of times and for many different reasons. It’s an archetype current to each of us that doesn’t recognize boundaries.

We must lose this false sense of self in order to be a beacon in our own storm.

For the storm brings the lightning bolt, the trident… the attribute of the Buddha Vajradhara, by which all ignorance is lost, “the weapon or substance of adamantean truth and reality, compared with which all other substances are fragile.”
-Heinrich Zimmer, The Art of Indian Asia


*Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Author: JC

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

22 thoughts on “The Call”

      1. It’s easy to keep going through the door instead of moving on. I think that’s what I was trying to say.

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  1. Beautifully written post Jeff with a strong and true message.
    Leap of faith! May we find the courage to take this as clinging
    to safety can rob us of living life to the full.
    However, there are some who find their rightful place and meaning
    at an early stage. You can tell from the light in their eyes.

    I have leapt a number of times and the landings have not always been smooth:) for me though it was necessary and driven by an inner voice.
    To stay when you feel the calling is merely to exist.
    Have a blessed day

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    1. Thank you, Mirja. yes, the call is not a picnic and one does land hard in unfamiliar territory. And all the things you’re trying to turn around in your life are making it difficult as they don’t want change.


  2. Beautiful post, JC. Life is one confusing existence at times and one tries to manage one’s way through, one step at a time, then all of a sudden it’s as if the experiences connect to form an epiphany of sorts, a guidance of a new route ahead. Hopefully, it will be heard and heeded! I’m listening to the Kenny Loggins links you posted and thoroughly enjoy his music- thank you for sharing it here.

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    1. Thank you, Annika. Yes, life… the trick is to be heard and heeded.

      Yes, I’ve been a fan of Kenny Loggins for a long time and especially the album these songs are on. Such a great voice.

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  3. Sometimes it feel like nothing changes, but as you say “drip by drip, step by step, then overnight an awareness seems to unfold, that took years”.
    Letting go of the false self is hard, it seems to want to cling. Thank you for sharing this great post, JC! 🙂

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  4. The storm always is magnetic to me. It’s when times are turbulent and chaotic, I tend to draw from that adverse energy — that’s when I can hear the call most clearly. It’s not a call from a distance, but rather, from within. As you point out, from within the recesses of ones soul. Profound and mind bending writing, JC. Subtle power.

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    1. Thank you so much… Yes, that’s one reason I live close to the beach, you can see the storms rolling in from the Atlantic. But still, it’s a call from within.


  5. The Call, “like neon streets in the night”- wonderful. Wish my Call was as black and neon- in retrospect it wasn’t, or is yet to come. I’d like to believe the latter.
    Your post is very encouraging and reassuring, and your music calming. Thank you for sharing, JC.
    (Now I am going to read your post again 🙂 )

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