Music Is…

IMG_2063 (4)The big equalizer, sublime, ubiquitous, the only true magic, the sound of God’s presence in the universe, as silent and pervading as the music of the spheres. Beyond space and time, the circumference and the center all in one, synchronicity, every sound under the sun and then some.

Every instrument playing, every voice singing, every poem ever read, every word ever spoken is music to my ears.

Whale song on the ocean, a lone wolf howling under a full moon, cicadas on a summer’s night, bees in the hive, the screech of an owl from the rafters of an old barn, the far off growl of a panther on Alligator Alley, the purr of a kitten, the wagging tail of a dog out for a walk on the levee, the lonesome cry of a whippoorwill in a deep wood, the joyful sound of a bobwhite in the early morning hours, a hawk gliding effortlessly in a mountain valley, a little bird in a deep sleep.

A train in the distance fading into the horizon; the sound of the open road, the freedom of the open sky, rain falling gently on a tin roof, a thunderstorm over Lake Johnson, a hurricane in the gulf, the sound of the wind, the ocean, the sea, a deep river, a clear pond, the phases of the moon, an eclipse, it is the Earth growing, changing, overcoming.

Music comes to terms with all our emotions… it soothes, remembers, teaches, induces movement, causes stillness, makes one cry,  laugh, happy, sad, angry, makes you dance, it puts you to sleep. It encourages solitude, compassion, joyousness, tranquility, mindfulness, love. It’s the symphony of our lives.

It’s always in the present moment, ready to perform, ready for new interpretation. It’s the end and the beginning, always was and never was without, it’s eternal, it’s the wings that fly us home. All of this is music or any time one listens to Bach.

Just think, what would happen if we gave up our guns for musical instruments… music!


13 thoughts on “Music Is…

  1. Dear JC, what a tremendous song of praise to music, to sound, to the life of all nature.
    Every word rings so true to me and as emotions go you made me cry some happy tears.:)
    Music means all this! To add Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah just did me in. Beautiful.
    I also have a guitar next to me. Dare I guess you play too?

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    1. Thank you so much. Nature was the very first music and we have tried to create or re-create from that point. And Jeff Buckley, I couldn’t think of any other song that would do it justice.
      Yes, I do play.

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  2. This is a beautiful philosophical post, JC. Wouldn’t it be a wonder if we all tuned into music, the violence and horror put aside. So often music has seen me through major events in my life, various songs their emotional marker. However, there have been times too when music couldn’t touch me and I stopped listening for a while – but perhaps in the silence that’s when I heard the bird songs, the distant car…

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    1. I know what you mean. When I go for a walk, I don’t bring an I-Pod. The music I hear is what’s going on around me, the birds, a train, traffic even. it’s all music.
      You really learn how to listen this way. Thank you!

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