Winter’s Morning Sky

96LJZ9JPB6The darkest stretch of night is just before the dawn. So one cannot help but be enthralled by the silent majesty in a cold dark winter’s morning; Brother Moon sits overhead in a pool of stars with Venus, the Virgo queen, in her disguise as the morning star, hovering close behind just as the eastern horizon gives birth to the first panes of light emerging from the sun.8D4D02B4F9

One such morning, I noticed a thin line of clouds that lay in the sky and as the new-born light appeared the clouds became a boundary between the light and the dark. It seemed I could have entered into each of these worlds upon request. And these same clouds turned a fiery orange as the corona of the sun crept into the horizon and seemed to burn away 3B073A605Binto the hemisphere.

“One positive thing about having Parkinson’s is it teaches you to do away with all the stress in your life. The more stress, the more tremor and then everything follows suite. So I try to live in the present moment and give myself enough time and in that time you create you get to notice what’s going on around you… And there it was all along, the morning sky waiting for me to finally show up.”  -JC


Music                                                                                                                                        Christmas in New Orleans                                                                                                                     Louis Armstrong                                                                                                     

13 thoughts on “Winter’s Morning Sky

  1. In this serene post it is like ‘Consiousness looking at creation’ through you and letting us see too. So very beautiful JC as are the photos. Venus looks like the moon.:)

    I feel the peace excude from your writing as you share how to overcome stress in your life and thus help your body too. I strongly believe this way of living can heal many illnesses.
    Blessing on you and thanks.

    I love the Christmas songs with Louis.:)

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    1. Thank you Mirja for your wonderful insight. I agree, it has been proven the benefits of a stress-free mindful life.

      I to love that old Christmas song from Louis. They say he could put a smile on everyone face when he played and sang.

      Blessing on you…


  2. This is a beautiful post JC, radiant with the magical mythology feel of olden days. I love the idea of feeling able to step into either world – an ethereal lilt to the words. I think so many of us should learn to live thus, in the moment. I try and succeed at times and then revel in the fullness of that time. Other times I rush past, past the most amazing beauty and serenity no doubt.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I love a little magic and myth in my post. Living in the moment is a challenge as you can step into either way of thinking. And every moment is a decision on how you will look at the world.

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