Verse For A Golden Retriever

IMG_1572I sit in the evening still, a symphony of cicadas caressing my ears as their chorus trade places with one group of trees for another; not unlike a hypnotic trance. I’m surrounded by a black velvet sky perforated by the pinhole lights of stars. The new moon is hiding its face as the planet Venus gracefully observes. And I wonder when will I see my old friend again?

Your arthritic limbs slowed you down physically but not your heart. The site of you rolling around on a cool patch of good earth, a look of complete satisfaction, your aching limbs kicking upwards as though you were punching an invisible foe.

I remember that summer’s day by the lake; I turned around for a second and the next thing I saw you were swimming as though you had the agile body of a pup. I understood immediately; the water was your freedom from the restrictions the dry land brought to you.

Building the deck as you looked on with curious eyes making sure I added the ramp to ease your tired joints. Maybe I should have built it sooner, maybe it would have added another month, another day.

My friend, you were life itself, simple and joyful; Gods perfect creature… nothing but pure love.

© JC

15 thoughts on “Verse For A Golden Retriever

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      Zach loved people and would take off in a stranger’s car and not think nothing of it if I let him. His arthritis got so bad last winter, I would go outside and break the ice so he could go outdoors. He was a rescue dog and I was allowed to be his permanent foster because of his health. He had to have a shot every day along with medications and vitamins. But every night he was ready for his walk. He was a good dog and I miss that gray face watching my every move.

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  1. Oh 😦 I must have missed this, with my stupid internet. I am so sorry. My doggy is getting old and achey now too, and I deliberately put asides all thoughts of the inevitable day that will come. It is a consolation from the outside that he lived many years and was clearly a beloved and happy doggy of golf, but from the inside I know there is immense loss. Bless his beautiful heart xx

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, I wanted to think he would live forever! He was such a peaceful soul… so Zen-like in his ways. I think he was sent to me so he could watch over me.

      So hug your pooch tight, you will always appreciate it…

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