So This Is Love

*copyright 2020-9 all rights reserved…images by pixabay So this is love, of something or other.Merlin locked in a tree by his one true love.Kerouac his scroll of the open road unfolding before us as we traverse space and time to the hemispheres where dusk and dawn constantly kiss the sky.Into the mystic, the slip into […]


Psyche The ancient Greek word ‘psyche’, is defined as ‘soul’ and it’s also the Greek word for butterfly. The idea of transition playing heavily in their mythology… first, a moth literally transforms into a butterfly, a physical event from youth to adulthood. And second, the soul’s carried by the butterfly which eventually seeks passage into […]

Questions From the Big Chair

What is life? Do you feel the seconds and minutes counting down your life are out of mind? You spend your day from task to task feeling like you’re standing immobile in your own body as a prisoner without a direction, sails laid bare, floating in a sea of indifference. In Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Levin asks […]