Living Life on River Time

Many summers ago I was sitting on the levee watching the Mississippi, that venerable old man of rivers, as sacred as the Ganges and the Nile, proud and steady with a thousand tales screaming silently to be told. Though I had seen the river hundreds of times, it was during this one particular visit that […]

Journey on the Night Sea

To me, dreams are part of nature, which harbors no intention to deceive but expresses something as best it can. -Carl Jung All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together… -Jack Kerouac Each night before sleep invades my eyes I sit contemplating the day and its gifts. I stare at the moon […]

A Blue Ocean

Letters travel across a blue ocean Ascending toward the zenith    Fluidity gives meaning between words A continuous song from the misty sea In between the meaning is heaven’s gate Where Andromeda keeps her watch I hear a blackbird sing upon arrival A hawk glides overhead, it knows your name Words have a way of […]

The Pilgrim, the Composer, and the Captain

Our Pilgrim recognized the three aphorisms found in the composer’s desk after his passing. They are Egyptian in origin and although all three are similar in meaning… the emphasis was to stress his conviction in the manner in which he lived. Deciphered from the original Coptic, they translated to:

A New Name

“Change your vibration, change your life.” -The Buddha Dear Friends,                                                               After much thought, I have decided to change the name of my blog. Most […]

Winter’s Morning Sky

The darkest stretch of night is just before the dawn. So one cannot help but be enthralled by the silent majesty in a cold dark winter’s morning; Brother Moon sits overhead in a pool of stars with Venus, the Virgo queen, in her disguise as the morning star, hovering close behind just as the eastern horizon gives […]

Onward To the Palace Of Wisdom- Trip Into Understanding

There are times when we try putting together life’s puzzles, assigning the pieces as neatly and securely as we can, into a box of our own subjective thinking; a box that hasn’t any room for fresh interpretation. The analysis is so in sync with the cerebral brain that we fail to enjoy the epiphanies that […]

Verse For A Golden Retriever

I sit in the evening still, a symphony of cicadas caressing my ears as their chorus trade places with one group of trees for another; not unlike a hypnotic trance. I’m surrounded by a black velvet sky perforated by the pinhole lights of stars. The new moon is hiding its face as the planet Venus gracefully observes. […]

Mr. Parkinson, An Update

It’s been a while since my last update about life with Parkinson’s disease. As far as health is concerned, I’m doing well. My drugs are still effective; I walk 4 miles a day (with my trusted cane), meditate and stay as far away from stress (good and bad) as I can. However, I have noticed […]