A photo by Boris Smokrovic. unsplash.com/photos/LGy-VOMcZ9UI’m told that your ancestors go back to the mystic mountains of old,
where there are stories of many a dragon lair teeming with gold.
In truth, you’re one of the first creatures to crawl out from the birth waters of Mother Earth.
Many years removed from those times not only in size but also in temperament as you witnessed the Bodhi Tree, the Sermon on the Mount, the first singing of the Veda’s. Continue reading Dragonfly

2016… A Leap Into

IMG_2194We see Father Christmas wave goodbye as we enter another new year. Disappointed as to what was not achieved last year we turn to the future and what might be. The truth is what might be is here and now, in this moment and Father Christmas has never left. It is a cycle we ride just assuredly as time bends in space we bend time to our personal space. The cycle is horizontal as we never touch the ground to our being.

Somewhere, somehow, we need a little vertical in our lives, to touch the good earth, the ground of our being and just listen, void of all concepts and get back to Continue reading 2016… A Leap Into