A New Mythology

Snow falling in the Mississippi darkness rolling down to the sea.” –Steve Goodmen

Recent events of the last few months still seem as foreign to me as snow falling on the Mississippi Delta. In as much as these singular events have happened before, they attest to our true colors, which are heroic and also a bit blinding at times. Still in other moments we seem to not be able to find our way home to where we owe at least a semblance of the truth. However these days the gods offer us a strange new set of hero’s… health care providers, nurses, bus drivers, first responders… they are the brave and all too few are left to deal with the aftermath. To all of us who maintain six feet of separation from one another we feel inadequate at our position in the ranks. We’ve built a fortress around our hearts and now the battlements must be set on fire

But through the flames and tears, I hear the laughter of children or is it the sounds of wildlife, a multitude of species teaming through woodland, wetland, town and country alike. Birds of all sizes and colors all returning to ancestral lands. The chemical skies and rivers below begin to clear as smog dissipates from major cities all as recorded by the eternal eye of time and space.

Is it really such a surprise that in our absence, nature is capable of making such a recovery to a time and place she knew in another age yet in the distance of only a month or so? Do we really think that we can go back to things as they were? Or should the so-called ‘new normal’ really be an ambassador to a new way of thinking? An archetype to understanding what was once hidden so deep but is on the verge of becoming. A new mythology for the Earth and its children.

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11 thoughts on “A New Mythology

  1. Although I fully share your sentiments, J.C. I have grown somewhat cynical in recent times. My feeling is that although we now have a very abnormal situation that prompts us to reflect on our impact on the environment, (because we are looking for ‘silver linings’ in the whole situation), we will most likely soon forget about the environemnt as economic activity ratchets up again back to the old normal, because it would be a mad rush to make up the economic losses and to recover from economic disaster (in many cases). I think a shift to more sustainable living is something that has to come from the heart rather than a responce to a crisis, although this crisis may end up causing some preople who had left cities for the countryside prior to the lockdown, to not return to the cities and I would say that would be a positive trend – it would be logical too, because it is on densely populated areas that infection rates are automatically the highest. I’m sure that in retropect, a year or two from now we will have a lot to reflect on and this event may yet end up being the catalyst for big change down the road – heartfelt change hopefully.

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    1. Yes, I hear what you’re saying, and I’ve had these thoughts myself. It seems economic gains for no good reason except self-worth can easily stick its ugly little head in at any time. Real change will be hard and take time but I welcome that road and all who travel it.

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  2. Beautifully written post , JC, with deep thought of where mankind stands just now.
    A tiny little microbe brought the world as we know it to a halt. A tiny little microbe that kills more than conventional wars do.
    So we do the sensible thing and isolate, protect and take stock. Many do re-think
    and polls have been undertaken showing a high percentage wanting a change of lifestyle.
    We have all noticed how quickly nature is recovering if we stop polluting. So let us think how we want to live our lives in the future if we are graced with one.


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    1. It is on the edge of hope that I also see the numbers that have grown to embrace the simpler self conclusive life. There’s something in the air… jc

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  3. Glad to hear your voice again JC! I think it would be best if the “new normal” was actually something new, where we loved and moved more consciously. But, I’m afraid it’s not. It’s where businesses create commercials that include the words “in this together” and “together apart” to sell products, or where the president does…well, whatever he does.

    I hope you’re doing well.

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    1. Thank you. I got caught up in the pandemic. I was in New Orleans when it hit and turned the city into a ghost town. Yes, I see those clever soundbites. I think part of our strength will come from ignoring such nonsense when we truly know what wool is being pulled over our eyes… jc

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  4. This is wonderful writing! And I don’t want to go back to “normal”. I hope most of us are actively building something new and healthy and beautiful.

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    1. I guess I’ve witnessed too much pessimism in the world or maybe more to the fact is I was drowning in my own doubt and fear. so I’m here to tell you that even the smallest amount of love and respect you can muster is far better than all the doubt and fear in this universe. You have to live with yourself forever so why not do it in peace and joy or at lease as much as you can get. Parkinsons and a healthy scoop of Buddhism taught me that. Don’t let the pessimism of others ever pull you down for it will pull you down… jc

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      1. Yes, yes, that is the way through this life. We are each here for a good reason and must hang onto that idea. We choose to be here and live this very life at this very time.


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