In The Advent of Starship

On Christmas eve our pilgrim finds himself in a land far north of anything he has ever seen…

In the Advent of stars,
We celebrate the lite of love into the temporal world
Four candles bring forth a light into a circle of evergreen
Candles of white, blue, purple and rose give into hope, love, joy, peace.
It is when we transcend our pain that we find such beauty in the world
As we enter the path which gives the money st love.

Oh, what could it be in that land by a northern sea
Is it Sirius, the Dogstar trying to fool me
into thinking that he may be
the brightest star I’ll ever see 

For if not what could it be
In that land by a northern sea.

Oh, bright star by the seas shore
As I wipe away the years that once held me
I think that maybe what I see from that bright star in front of me
from that land in a northern sea
was never intended to be a star at all.


Image courtesy of PixaBay

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