We began our romance deep within the confines of a world we conjured from the depths of our harmonious souls; a land of green pastures, thick forest; days of bright sunlight; afternoons of gentle rains and at nightfall, a celestial array whose radiance was only diminished by the luminosity emanating from my beloved. Call it Eden, Shangri-La, or Valhalla; we were its only inhabitants and the sole owners of all we felt for each other. The moat around our paradise was deep with swift currents, the bridge drawn and tied up, and no one dared to trespass who might take it away, for we were otherworldly and human prowess ceased to have any power here.

I can still recall many a summers night with the ocean’s scents lying heavy in the air as the crashing of waves surrounded us with stories of lost dreams, as we espoused back and forth all the wisdom our tongues could disperse. Equally, during the otherwise dearness of a winters evening, she would look through the glass doors of our abode to see the first fallen ‘snow of the season as though she commanded it by her supreme will. Alone by the fire, our dialectic gave way to silence that would reveal more then we cared to divulge.

She was the nine muses all in one and was in command of all the expertise in the areas they held court over. Frequently she would give meaning to the simplest of things as though the very divinity of God were held in the importance she bestowed upon it. Expressing soliloquies on any subject known to mankind, I found myself in awe as though I were a schoolboy, a delightful enlightenment to my otherwise roguish attitude.

It was for this reason, after the encores of each fading evenings bliss, I found myself watching as she lay asleep; her breath keeping time as she traveled sleeps silent veil to journeys yet untold, of which I can still only speculation. My nightmares were kept at bay as her dreams turned to rapture. How I prayed they were dreams of me! But I knew all too well that the fates have other plans in store for mere mortals to curtail any bliss employed in our direction… or do they?


*Image courtesy of Pixabay

*Image- The beginning of opposites in the temporal world.                                                                                                                                                                           … for dragonfly

5 thoughts on “Arianrhod

  1. Sensual and sublime. I enjoyed this depth of you. It’s easy to get lost in your musings and then wonder how you were like with your “roguish” smile. You’re lucky to have had such an experience with another. We all are not as fortunate.


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