Love and the Particle Accelerator

“Love, what a mess it can bring to your life, guaranteed to screw things up, but what a glorious screw-up. For it is out of this world, of the universe.”
-Joseph Campbell

Love and romance at times are like a particle accelerator where protons and electrons and other particles are thrown at each other at high velocity. Scientific hope to use this information to learn the origins of the universe and other such questions. But for me the protons and electrons are you and I constantly being thrown at each other in the name of love. So are we reaping anything new or do we smash into one another and scratch our heads because we have more questions than answers. They say only a fool talks of love, and I don’t see an end to our foolishness so here goes.

Love is of the universe, beyond time, a great equalizer amongst men and women. But being in love is to know it’s complications, it’s perplexities, and it’s paradoxical situations. Yet with all love’s obstacles that we may face we still dream and long for its sense of wonder, the smile it brings to a face, the light it shines on the world we know. Maybe that’s the rub for love and all its complexities instill a sense of being alive in each of us, to live is to taste life and all its situations, good and bad. And what does love do but throw us into the mix and we accept and integrate with this amalgamation and all the pain and glory it may bring to our lives.

Yet why all the complications from something so universal, so critical that it puts all on the same level? Maybe the term universal is the key, for love is beyond our world, beyond our particulars that we color our lives in. It doesn’t see or know our pettiness, our reasons. For the echelon love journeys down from is beyond opposites, beyond concepts, it is not a word but an energy all its own which we can only hope to be lucid enough to feel its transcendence. From that height the decision to love is simple, all temporal concepts put aside.


*Image courtesy of Pixabay

Author: JC

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

6 thoughts on “Love and the Particle Accelerator”

  1. Perhaps the word Love is one of the most misused words. Covering such multitude of feelings and actions. Love in its purity wants nothing for itself, it gives and protects.
    I am not even trying to list the multitude of shades in between that and the simple… I love reading e.g.

    So, how far have we humans reached?



    1. I also use to think that the word love was used to much and for too many reasons. But these days I somehow feel it’s not used enough and needs to be shouted from the highest mountain and the deepest sea… jc


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