An Imaginary Western

“While others watched  Roy Rodgers, I wanted to be like Crazy Horse, he was always more interesting to me.” -JC

Take me away to the Black Hills, to a single mountain in the Dakotas where Crazy Horse is imprisoned in the rock. Let me gaze at his unbroken spirit on high… captured in stone only so the multitudes can see and understand his madness. Or is it our madness we must come to terms with?

Take me beyond the sunset where the earth and sky exchange secrets. Let me hover like the moon at perigee as I tilt the earth and bring us the seasons… spring, summer, fall, and winter. And on that day when the sun refuses to shine anymore and the moon won’t rise, the Earth’s tectonic plates move severely causing the surface of the planet to crack open swallowing the oceans. Despite the deluge at the end of there rein, we will always be.

Take me to the innocence of my youth and endless days of summer making myself disappear from all who loved me as we rode each night at the witching hour thru deserted streets thru sugar cane fields and pastures pass the old churchyard. We walked for miles upon miles through these hallowed grounds and never grew tired. We will lease forget these days of youth, joy, and laughter


*Images courtesy of Pixabay

9 thoughts on “An Imaginary Western

  1. Oh JC, you’ve brought back so many memories of my youth, when my family would visit our relatives in South Dakota. Several times we’d stop to see the progress made on Crazy Horse, which always seemed so infinitesimal it was a wonder they didn’t give up. But from your picture and even more your words, it’s clear they knew the benefit of sticking with it. Yet another lesson for us.

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    1. I am so touched that my words were able to bring you back to a different time in your life. It is such a vision to see people riding by this mountain wondering what and when this would be completed… Thank you… jc

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