“And all will meet at Twilight

On a train making its way deep into the southern night, I fall asleep to the rhythm of the rails as a full moon sets overhead. Of a sudden a vicarious array of characters… lovers, friends, muggers, lawyers, doctors, addicts, thieves,  and more, invade my thoughts singing in a loud boisterous chorus, a song about ‘dirty water’, in which I recall a distinct voice singing to me as a child.

You see the light radiating from the train will never catch up to the darkness that surrounds me for upon the light’s arrival the darkness is already there but again to bid the light adieu as it speeds its way onward. And the same thing can be said of the light, that the darkness never fully conquers it for both are needed in order to be the properties they are. Being human takes many different faces and some of them might not be too savory, in fact, a lot like ‘dirty water’, an amalgamation of many. But we’ll find out at twilight…





*Images courtesy of Pixabay


5 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. Twilight is my favorite part of the day… or is it night? When light pervades darkness, it feels like a battle and then a surrender as night let’s go and day takes over and vice versa. I was entranced by your writing. The way you look at the world intrigues me. You scrutinize, observe, and take things apart. Wonderful.

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    1. I think I like just about any [part of the day, each is unique. But Twilight is special, even the name lets you know something sacred is happening. Now on changing the world, I’ve also started to see that also in my writing. My most favorite religious piece of art is Shiva dancing in a circle of flames, he’s destroying the world but as everyone knows whoever destroy the world has to rebuild it. If you don’t then you’re doing shotty work, so I destroy, observe and rebuild.
      :–) jc

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