Natures Truth

It’s said that the Angels on high are joyously whenever someone turns their back on the everyday life. That‘s the journey, as Van Morrison sang, “From the dark end of the street to the bright side of the road”. The signs along this path are the inkling of a universe wanting to speak to us. Every turn is a lesson, the winking of an eye, which is contemplated only by those who stay young at heart.

We foolishly separate the temporal and spiritual mix of our lives. Live your truth, your mythology; no one will hear your song if you don’t play it out of fear. We wear the temporal side of life on our sleeve (work etc) like a badge of courage but hide our inner nature, our bliss within. Our truth needs to air out since it feeds all other aspects of who we are. Strive for this and the pair of opposites curiously begin to look alike.


*First posted in the summer of 2015 under the title 'Truth'.

8 thoughts on “Natures Truth

    1. Thank you! I do feel that we are constantly being pulled. And it could be that we are doing the pulling in our disguise as the universe… we are the ones that we’re trying to find.


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