Sir Gahmuret and the Lady Herzeloyde

Gahmuret and the Lady Herzeloyde are the parents of Parzival, who will one day find the Grail and ask the ‘noble question’ of the Fisher King. Upon the death of Gahmuret in battle, Herzeloyde abandons her kingdom, taking her son to a deep wood and raises him under nature’s cathedral in hopes that Parzival will never know the word ‘Knight’ or hears of this exclusive group out of fear that he’ll suffer the same fate as his father. But strange things happen in the dark woods especially when we find out that Merlin is lurking about.

An open door, a quick glance with peripheral eyes
A question’s asked, ‘Is there a fish about?’
Be quiet my wanting heart… but it’s too late, it sees its other
The mind can’t begin to understand what the heart knows.

The day that time stood still
When questions are asked of their own importance
Pisces, Virgo rising, a fish knows from afar
Let’s be friends under the pale moonlight.

We laughed; we talked as we emptied our minds
I’ve known you before in another place another time
Thus, our secret society that knows no bounds
Found in our still point, sunup to sundown.

So there you are, green eyes surrounded by a sea of blue
Like a mirror, they reflect the moon on me
And who am I but a poet that never rhymes
In a poem of no meaning that reveals more than it denies.

Together in harmony, the morning doves sing
As we dance in silence under the waxing moon
Either wide awake or in a dream, we can’t tell
Standing without speaking, blind to all others

Talk of the dark ones, of clouded days and cold nights alone with our dragon
Horizontal, vertical, the waves of the ocean call us asunder
And as their reign expires, hearts will expand if given a chance
A titanic of tides which in time we survive

Then the faithful Knight appeared as divine grace stood over him
The noble heart would win the coveted Grail
But just as fast as it started, the eternal candle burned out on the blue day
Only to light again as we learn that we possess the real magic
As time takes us on its never-ending wing.


First published in August 2016

Image courtesy of Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Sir Gahmuret and the Lady Herzeloyde

  1. If the Spirit is strong, and you ask, be pleasantly surprised, within us we have a power that reaches far and beyond, if you seek wisdom and apply it, the day is never empty, amen

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  2. “And who am I but a poet that never rhymes
    In a poem of no meaning that reveals more than it denies.”

    Such a perfect stanza, I latched onto those words and read them over and over. Very touching, very powerful.

    Liked by 2 people

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