There are moments in time when we try to reassemble life’s rich pageant; assigning the pieces as neatly and securely as we can into a box of our own subjective thinking; a box that hasn’t any room for fresh interpretation. The analysis is so in sync with the cerebral brain that we fail to sit back and enjoy the epiphanies that are present especially when the pieces of this puzzle seem not to fit as we think they should…if our narrative comes together, we call it a miracle, if not we’re disgruntled. We tend not to appreciate that in the perforations of this chaos there are considerations waiting for our attention. It is only when we trip into overload from this temporal way of thinking, thus spilling forth into the mysteries, do we expand our thoughts into the universe of a higher understanding. It is then, I come to realize that what I don’t know is more than I thought I knew and I’ll never know it all. Thus, I stand blessed and open to all there is on the road of perception raining down in the pale moonlight. the riverThis is mindfulness at its best, waiting to hand you something you didn’t have an inkling you were in need of.


*Images by Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Febuary

  1. Hmm. Fascinating. I’m currently traveling down an unfamiliar road in my journey. I curse at the bumps and broken bridges. Reading your words gives me hope. Instead of cursing and lamenting my follies, I’ll take a step back and survey the situation a bit more closely. These obstacles may help me see another path… perhaps hidden and not as well traveled. Thank you for the wise reminders, JC. I’ll keep my eyes and heart open.

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    1. So this beautiful wayfarer travels by way of roads not traveled before. There are those that say everything is meant to be as it is, there are no wrong turns, I’m not sure, sometimes I believe this and other times I don’t. But I do know that when I’m thinking like a Knight of the roundtable, `each knight must travel by way of roads not traveled before. That’s the sense of the real adventure, there are many ways to touch and kiss the sky. So beautiful one, travel well in the middle way and Gods speed. with eyes and heart open… jc

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  2. Beautiful read, thank you for sharing your thoughts so eloquently. I used to worry that I would never have time enough to learn all I need to know. It is comforting to know that wherever we are, whatever we know is enough.

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