Where the Earth and Sky Meet

Relax and empty your mind of all concepts and temporal concerns. You are here to observe without prejudice… mindful of the environment you know nothing of. You don’t know what the sun or moon is or any other phenomenon by name or definition. The universe is there for you to ingest without any conceptualization. Let your first impressions be the sum of complete innocence as though you were the first human being to see the universe from the earth point of view. To see the world in this manner is not an easy experiment but try.

It’s a summer’s day and you feel the warmth of the sun in the sky. Clouds appear on the horizon; maybe a summer shower will showcase itself as the last streaks of light disappear in the distance along with the sun. Dusk gives way to a black sky as an eerie darkness surrounds you. A strange light rises in the empty sky, the moon takes over where the sun has vacated, surrounded by stars in varying arrays of brightness and locality, lighting up the darkened sky.

On another day, dark ominous clouds blanket the sun as a gentle rain turns inward and becomes a thunderstorm; cascades of rain pummel the earth around you as thunder rumbles in the distance like metal slamming against metal as veined streaks of lightning light up the sky. The storm continues into the night and seems invariably harsher without the ostensible safety of daylight. Again, you try and find the moon before you turn in for the night and if you chance to see it through a break in the clouds as the storm lightens, you may notice that it looks to be in the shape of the horns of a bull and at other times, it’s as round as the sun. The moon loses its light only to return every 28 days. Thus it shows you time and gives direction to its location in the heavens at any one moment as well as guiding you through the seasons. For these reasons and more you will befriend the moon.

Throughout your stay ‘Where the Earth and Sky Meet’, you feel variable degrees of warmth and coldness and you witness drought and flooding, snow, sleet, or hale materialize as hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes seem to echo the Earth’s displeasure. By now you see these atmospheric and astronomical events with simplistic eyes as you learn that the earth through natural disasters is actually renewing itself.

It is impossible to completely empty our knowledge for such things as concepts have been ingrain in our very psyche from birth. Only in mindful meditation can we come close to emptying the mind of concepts. But think back about 22,000 years ago, this is the Paleolithic period and you survive by hunting and gathering. Agriculture would not appear for another 12,000 years in the Neolithic period. Archeology has pieced together the lives of our distant relative. They invented tools for hunting. We also know that they buried their dead. So this meant an archaic form of mythology, wheretheearthandskymeetritual, and religion was taking hold.

So what is your myth for the Earth and sky? How did it become what we know it as today? Remember, myths are lies that tell the truth.


16 thoughts on “Where the Earth and Sky Meet

    1. Thank you. It’s our words we set free and give away to all those here and now and who will come after us. I am blessed for I have discovered that all the things I couldn’t say in physical language, I can say in the words I write. It’s like laying bricks, one at a time with your trowel marked at a certain angle… a motion of the wrist. There is poetry in laying words down and in laying bricks… if you see life that way… jc

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