The Left Hand Way

“The right-hand path is living in the context of the mask of one’s village. The left-hand way is of the individual quest. So the mask of the individual’s own life pulls against the mask held up by society”.
-Joseph Campbell

“As we drive toward the apex of a six-lane span over the St.Johns river, the wind picks up in gust and the bridge suddenly divides. One turn is a slight turn to the right. The other turn is to the left, a very sharp turn through the yellow cables, as yellow as the morning sun.

Such is life, two sides of an interchangeable cultural coin as symbols and meaning constantly trade places. What’s in vogue today is out tomorrow as each turns to the other for its’ title. This is a dance and society is leading the orchestra to a beat that holds everyone under its pulsating rhythm of fear. So the music doesn’t change as though someone requests the same song in repetitious frustration because he can’t hear the real song in his soul.

When the flip of a coin is realized and understood one is left somewhere off to the side of the road, disheveled and seeking. The empyrean of pure fire and light at the farthest boundaries of the heavenly sphere await your question; for the gods reveal themselves only when summoned, waiting for you to turn the key and open the inner door to a mythic adventure where demons, dragons, and fairies encountered in the regions of the soul. This is the path beyond the border of societies misinterpretations, the inner life or mythically speaking “the left-hand way.

Our newfound wisdom comes from the inner vision the mystics speak of. It is a lonely path in so far as the mask one longs for from the past. But loneliness soon turns to solitude in this darkness of the soul’s flight and in our emptying out we become filled with the spirit. This is Perceval quest and was only satisfied when he went against the social sanction of not asking questions, as expected of a Knight of the Roundtable and asks the Fisher King a left-handed question, “what ails you, my king”.

Society is a disguise for something deeper that can’t be held overtly for all to see. For many are indifferent and without the subsistence to keep from falling asunder. The older man has discerning eyes and by the light of a full moon whose light is derived from the sun ask the hard questions from which descends the wisdom to see life’s exceptions, discarding all that we cleave to that subsequently blinds us to who we really are. Heaven and earth, left hand in right hand will reveal their bounty as society opens to serve the individual quest. The goal must be a noble undertaking, a pursuit exalted before the heavens to begin at the point where it arcs across the earth. Many cultural layers, many situations, many lessons uncovered and either embrace or abandoned as we ascertain the left side of the self.


Photo source: Pixabay

18 thoughts on “The Left Hand Way

  1. JC, this is a very inspiring and soulful piece – deep and thought provoking. I believe you are intuitively tapping into what lies ahead. The Mayans talk of “A Return to the Beginning” which is meant to happen in this new Great Cycle – the new age that we entered after 2012. In a nutshell, we are most likely slowly moving from extroversion to introversion – and towards more introspection, and so in that sense the quest will become something that people will be more and more naturally and strongly drawn to as time progresses. It is early days yet, but from my reading of the Mayan prophecies and having looked at many resources that’s my reading of it – and so I also find resonance with that in your writing. Thank you for this and may we all proceed to enter The Left Hand Path.

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I will definitely keep this in mind as my reading advances. It is something how these pieces come together, taped from the same root as it were. I think it was Faulkner who said this or something like it,” the past is not gone, it has never really left”.

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    1. Happy New Year! Thanks for all those blog posts! Now I know all about the theater in New York and the great state of Arizona. Also, the who can forget the new bible interpretations I’ve learned. And most of all I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you… jc

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  2. Man. This is a good one JC…seems even more thought-provoking than the others for some reason. I’ll have to re-read. But I’m pretty sure I agree. Part of human dilemma is always to break free from the song of the day, and instead listen to the song in our own hearts.

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  3. jc, one of the most important aspects of your writing is that even though you eloquently expose the troublesome aspects of our present society and state as human beings, you end with guidance and hope for us to create a better future for others and ourselves. thank you…

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    1. Kate, thank you so much for those kind words. The one thing I’ve tried to do in my writing is to leave with a good heart in knowing I’ve done my best to help anyone in need or just with a kind word. Thank you so much


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