If 6 were 3, I’d like to be…

If 6 were 3, I’d like to be all the things that you will see, if 6 were 3.

a hot air balloon floating towards the highest clouds,
a sailboat sailing the seven seas,
a rocket ship to the moon,
a locomotive breathing through the continental divide,
a ship on the south seas on course towards the southern cross.

a golden retriever with boundless pure love,
a bald eagle soaring the canadian rockies,
a red-tailed hawk gliding deep into a canyon,
a bluebird singing its morning birdsong,
a magyarosaurus for gentleness knows no size.

a flair of protons and neutrons on the solar wind to ignite the northern lights,
a camera on the hubble telescope gazing out through the solar system,
a rocket man exploring the andromeda galaxy.

a book of poems by John O’Donohue,
a symphony, a concerto, pearl jam,
a butterfly, a dragonfly, a firefly.

a magic window to spark imagination,
a light in the darkest night,
a student and teacher of life.

… but 6 is not 3, and all these things I cannot be for you to see, so I might as well be me, as you can see… i love you… pops.


*photo courtesy Pixabay

20 thoughts on “If 6 were 3, I’d like to be…

  1. Wonderful JC. A beautiful and poetic lullaby from their Pops. What a better gift. What richness of imagery.
    I would go to sleep with a smile at a lullaby like that ……..can one ever get enough.⭐️ .

    Liked by 1 person

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