A Question of Balance

I have a friend, whom I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been thinking of him lately and about a curious incident that happened a few years back. He has this temperament about him, sort of whimsical, imaginative, more of a humorous disposition. Underlying all of this is the fact that nothing ever seems to bother him. Naturally good-natured, Dave could energize a room just by his presence. It adversity were to hit, he could be solemn, and respectful but in his deep-set eyes is a hint of humor. I’ve had people complain to me that it seems he’s making fun of them in times of distress. But it was his demeanor to always be upbeat and positive.

Now I was unaware of anyone who would directly wish him harm. But it was always hinted by some that he wouldn’t be so cheerful if disappointment were to fall his way. Well as the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for, it may come true”; Dave was in a car accident, broke his neck and wore a halo for three months. Now if you’re not familiar with a ‘halo’, its basically a metal device similar to scaffolding around a building except it’s worn around your head. It keeps the head and neck from moving so the neck can heal. Held in place with screws to the head, it’s painful and extremely uncomfortable.

After three months, the halo removed, Dave came back to work. I didn’t exactly know what to expect. I mean people have serious near-death accidents all the time and usually come back with thought-provoking examinations of their lives and a resolution toward a greater good. But what happened left me perplexed. So I waited with abided breath for Dave to proclaim some words of wisdom, a result of his experience, but I was completely perplexed, he had nothing of great significance to proclaim. In fact, he shrugged the whole incident off as just another day in a life.

This puzzled me for years. Then I started to read the philosophy of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, how life is something that should never have been, and in deference to this awareness all one can say is a resounding ‘yes’ to life and all its confusion, its tug of war opposites, its mystery. It’s the Buddha’s middle way and Dave seemed to epitomize it even though he had never read or desired to read anything of more significance than comic books.

To my mind’s eye, Dave is the most enlightened person I have ever known. I make that statement in the eyes of saints and sages, who down through the ages have given us first-rate examples of a life lived in the pursuit of the perfect balance between spirit and temporal existence… space and time…

Yes out of the mouth of babes is certainly appropriate here. But to believe the simpleton is ignorant of his effect is foolish, it’s just not the point for he is totally void of any ego. And his indifference is not in an insulting way but a quiet resilience to the situations that could tear another apart. It emanates from a deep well over many lives and times. Just maybe true awareness is unaware, to forget the awareness and just become, for mindfulness shouldn’t be constantly mindful of itself. It should be natural, seeping out from every pore, totally ignorant nor caring of where it comes nor how it started. So what is it that makes this quality come to fruition in a human being? Love.


27 thoughts on “A Question of Balance

  1. Your friend Dave moved with graceful and loving ease among his fellow man.
    Without an ego to serve he was free to just be and give. That the happiness of such contentment can be taken as non-care reflects on the insecurity of the receiver.
    Enlightenment must live in your soul, not a word just to study. Like you , I have known and know a couple of people like this. How comforting they are.
    I wish you a happy weekend

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    1. Thank you, Miriam. And who knows how many lifetimes does it take to learn this simple and complexed way of living. I can’t see anyone purposely not seeking this pease in their life.


  2. Your friend sounds a lot like my dad, also named Dave. He was a quiet, stoic man, and I honestly can’t think of a time I saw him angry or upset. Always thought it was his Norwegian temperment, but maybe it’s all in the name, Dave. 😉

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  3. JC, a beautiful and heartfelt portrait of Dave, capturing his very essence – I’m mesmerised by him just through this post and you’ve described his inner peace and harmony brilliantly as he lives with love and enlightenment. Your concluding paragraph sums up what is wrong with the modern world and how ‘mindfulness shouldn’t be constantly mindful of itself.’ I love the music – hypnotic! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Annika. I’m glad you could know Dave as a person only by my words. That’s what I struggled with and all I had to work with. If he were to read this, he would shrug it off and go about his day, never mindful that he was anything special.

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  4. Your uplifting post made me smile. I see similarities between you and Dave. Although, you and I have never met, your posts suggest a person who loves life despite the challenges you face. Your brilliant writings also exude a sense of purpose, a determination to spread the good and the beauty you’ve experienced.

    I hope you reach out to your friend, Dave. Your post would move him, I’m sure.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I do believe we should leave something of ourselves behind and that is my purpose on this earth. It’s like your poetry and graphics, say fifty from now or a day, someone will find your work and it will move them to creativity… a circle and it keeps giving… jc

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  5. Wow, this is such a thought provoking piece. “for mindfulness shouldn’t be constantly mindful of itself. It should be natural, seeping out from every pore”. I love that, it makes me think that we try too hard to be mindful at times, that it backfires on us. Thank you for sharing, JC. 🙂

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  6. Taking life as it comes. without making too much of a fuss about it and not expecting too much from it, is indeed a very balanced state – and with a sense of humor added, probably a very content state too. Your friend Dave has arrived, while many of us are still trying to get there. Thank you for sharing this J.C.

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