The Eagle and the Hawk

eagle and the hawk

eagle and the hawkSoaring high, the Hawk invites us to step outside the boundaries of life, to free ourselves of preconceived limitations, to welcome change in our lives through awareness and mindfulness.

The noble Eagle soars thru canyons and mountains, lakes and rivers in quiet determination to honor his Eagle nature. But that’s not the way it’s always been. Mythology tells the story of Yucatangee the Talker before there was ever an Eagle. Yucatangee talked constantly, so much so that the bear, the wolf, and other animals couldn’t hear themselves or each other and couldn’t feel the elements like the wind, the rain, nor see the sun, the moon, the stars. Thus they were lost as to their true nature. For we can only realize our true nature through our commonality with each other and connection to the natural world.

eagle and the hawkOne day, a Red-tailed Hawk, flying high in the heavens, sensed trouble with the Yucatangee. The Hawk flew down without hesitation and straight away told him of the problem that occurs because of his constant speaking. He informed him in a forceful voice, “if you stop your incessant babble, the wolf and other animals of the forest will be able to hear and not live in darkness and hunger from not knowing their nature, and furthermore you will hear the wind.” And what is this wind”, asked Yucatangee as he suddenly felt it caressing his face and became aware of his nature as an Eagle and his flight in silence became the lotus of his understanding.

The nature of the Red-tailed Hawk is symbolized by his own physical attributes… his screech and ability to soar to great heights and glide in wide breadths, for Hawks are the messengers and visionaries of the universe and can help us interpret our visions.

I’ve seen Hawks as close as a few yards from me hidden in trees while I was walking in the woods. I’m witness to a Hawk at Blowing Rock in North Carolina swaying from side to side as it descended into the depths of a cove, only to learn of a death in my family after I drove down from the mountain. And I’ve seen them soaring high into the clouds as days of good fortune followed me.

Animals have a way of relaying wisdom… secrets from the inner world that we are the only ones privy to. A unique bond of communication and trust that knows no bounds. I witnessed this countless times as a boy on my grandmother’s farm. The trees where I live give a home to a hawk, an owl, a red-headed woodpecker and countless birds and squirrels. I’m always looking out for them and I’m sure there also looking out for me.


*photos courtesy of Pixabay

Author: JC

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

12 thoughts on “The Eagle and the Hawk”

  1. Beautiful and inspiring post JC. Leading us all to soar with courage.
    Like the Falcon who confronted the Yukantsngee. We all have our own yukantsngees to silence.
    We can do so and connect to nature like the beautiful creatures you describe.
    Now on holiday in a place totally silenced except by nature’s sounds and our own quiet talk and laughs.

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  2. Yes. Yes JC! I don’t know if you recall my encounters with a hawk and a woodpecker. Both seemed to come specifically to me right around the time I was dealing with death and focus. Signs are everywhere if we choose to see them.

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  3. I believe in this phenomenon. I’ve always had a thing with Cardinals being around me, but I’ve heard different theories, all of which are interesting… I enjoyed this post, will surely be looking more into your work. I have a new post called Phonestruck that revolves around eagles, you may like it, come on by and let us know what you think. Stay strong my friend, because the world needs more of your writing

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    1. Thanks for sharing your exsperience with this slice of metaphysics.

      I have a copy of your latest post and will read Phonestruck this weekend.


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