My mind sets sail on calm oceans to cross the hemisphere 
where stories are kept and told in quarter tones to the wind.

Around the Arora where the colors of the self will illuminate the night,
in the land of forever young that shine through to my memory.

I hear in silence that roars the voices of others just like me,
that will never be seen except on this cosmic ocean.

Beyond the sunset where I feast my eyes on blissful mornings that lay claim to my salvation, as the red-tailed hawk delivers his messages to me from the gods.

On the path beside a deep wood, I see your house, I am there, I’ve been there for centuries singing a blue song into the night.

It’s beautiful that souls speak without making a sound across miles and across time and space, in the pursuit of love and friendship and to share a cosmic beer or two.


*Photo courtesy of Pixabay…

21 thoughts on “Hemisphere

  1. I am amazed at paradoxical ideas, which merge into each other perfectly in this poem! The calmness gives way to roars! Speaking without a sound and the message reaching across miles…splendid JC! As I read and re-read this lovely poem, it takes me into another world…beyond eternity! 🙂 The picture conveys the symbolism so well! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you so much for your incite on my poem. I’ve always been fascinated by silence that is deafening and opposites that complement each other and tell a story within the sublime.

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  2. Beautiful poem JC and filled with imagery and symbolism. As I read it some down to earth thoughts came to mind as I sip my morning coffee in a place of dreams.
    ‘Doesn’t the sun each morning
    gently kiss the earth alive,

    So might not the longing for a loving embrace
    Be the same as the Earth for the the sun.’

    Thanks for the song…..and I love the “Cosmic beer or two” – dumping us down o earth.

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    1. Miriam, Thanks for the observations on my poem. It came to me fast and I sent it just as fast so all observations are welcomed as I further my understanding of it. I do like your sun and earth analogy.

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  3. “…in the pursuit of love and friendship and to share a cosmic beer or two.”

    I like the way you put it, JC, – more than the idea of souls simply passing like ships in the night, but sharing a cosmic beer has a much more convivial and collaborative feel about it.

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  4. Across the miles and through twisted wires of the internet, I share a cosmic beer with you. I’ll start the fire! Cosy and comforting poetry — feels like a laid back night with a good friend.


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