Thoreau’s Ghost

Thoreau’s’ Ghost

“The fire is lit, a sacred long pipe is passed around connecting us to our forebearers, while the flickering light of the campfire creates shadows that dance onto the trees and stars.”

We happen upon a cabin from antiquity next to a pond, nestled deep within a thicket made to specifications out of fallen trees. Sitting upon its rustic porch at night amidst the visual of fireflies, we listen intently to all it has witnessed, as this rustic castle dispels all thoughts of the mundane with stories of fairy circles, dryads (tree spirits) and haunted groves, awakening our imaginations.

One by one, as we retire to a well-earned rest under the stars, through sleeps silent veil, I find myself in deep thought about the disrespect to the land and extinction of forest and creatures everywhere. I’m humbled by nature’s power and angered by man’s negligence toward the Earth, his only home.

How many wastelands will it take to see the error of separating nature from the spiritual? How many rogues will fail this test of enlightenment? Yes, Perceval did ask the compassionate question, “Sir, what is it that ails you” and reconnected the realms of heaven and earth. But everyone must in good time ask the same question and only then will compassion fill your heart.

To each our own degree we tread down these paths into life’s shadows, for it is in the dark that we find the light of divine grace. The universe, in what Plato called ‘the faiths’ push one forward and intercedes on this path in the woodlands of our lives. I felt as Gawain and told each amongst us to enter a path in life where no one has gone before. Each step we take is our very own, unique to one.

I slept soundly and dreamed I was walking with Thoreau on the trails we hiked today. Upon waking the next morning, a curious thing happened, the cabin and pond were gone, vanished like they never existed. And as explanations of what may have happened fall asunder, my intuitive self comes into play, strong and sound as though I could turn it on or off with the flick of a switch.

It is these children of the woodlands… it’s trees, plants, and natural creatures; that is witness to what appeared last night in this seemingly infinite dimension beyond space and time in which we just might catch a glimpse of the mystical rummaging through everyday life.


*Photo courtesy of Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Thoreau’s Ghost

  1. The gurgling creek and songs of the birds; sounds that are forever linked to our own heart beats. I loved your writing, JC…. there’s human salvation in the messages from dryads, nature, and ghosts of philosophers. We just need to turn off our ego and listen.

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    1. Thanks for such beautiful words. Yes, these ghost and tree spirits have a message for us if we’d turn out the noise and tune inward. To me, their message carries in the wind. Growing up I was always fascinated with the wind for when it gains intensity, it’s like it was talking to you, conveying ancient secrets.

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  2. To sit around a campfire at night and see the stars, planets and beyond. Since fire was found it has always held the appeal of practical and mystical.
    Made people quieter as when you walk on a deserted beach and hear only the waves.
    I always felt that nature was spiritual so don’t know how we can separate them.

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    1. Yes, the mystical fire has always held our imagination. from the first cavemen to now is a lineage of fire.

      In the middle ages, the church did all it could to keep separate, heaven and earth. It wasn’t until the outpouring of books during the Arthurian legends that this fallacy was corrected.


  3. As I contemplate more clearly the role we play in life, I understand the importance of the consequences that come from how we treat this Earth. It is for our children’s children, and our ‘selves’, this test of enlightenment we either pass or fail.

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    1. As Chief Joseph said in the 1800’s… the rivers, the streams, the mountains, they are our brothers, the way you treat them is the same way you treat your children and the earth.

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    1. I wonder the same thing, what will it all mean and what will future generations think of our stewardship of the planet.
      Thanks, JC


  4. This is such a beautiful piece, with much to absorb. I’m glued to the screen, rereading it again, so that the words will play a melody in my mind. The hope of course, is that mankind will reconnect the realms of Heaven and Earth and stop the destruction of our Planet.

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    1. Thank you for the kind word, they are appreciated.

      Yes, if people could only open their eyes and see what is happening to our home. But it is hard when our own government is in denial… jc

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      1. I agree, jc, it’s sad that the government doesn’t have the eyes to see what is happening to our beautiful planet. Thankfully there is a power greater than them. Keep writing your beautiful words to spread the consciousness. 🙂

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