The ancient Greek word ‘psyche’, is defined as ‘soul’ and it’s also the Greek word for butterfly. The idea of transition playing heavily in their mythology… first, a moth literally transforms into a butterfly, a physical event from youth to adulthood. And second, the soul’s carried by the butterfly which eventually seeks passage into the underworld… the transition from life to death, a metaphysical event. However, we know that we are born, die and are born again each day into our authentic self and the butterfly and its attributes are the perfect metaphor for change.                                                                    


How does one think outside the box and then become the sum of that thinking? To take all the corrupt ideology, the unhealthy habits, the painful reminiscence of things gone wrong… to take all the negatives and turn them around. And along the way, destroy the mask that has no social value but to act as a disguise to the real self. How can this be done? To finally be fed up with all disruptive patterns of living and thinking. To take all the new philosophy and enmesh them into a complete human personality. You know deep inside that these new ideas are real but fear, one of the two great human feelings keep getting in the way.

All heroes seem to have an alter ego that sets them apart when times get rough. Sort of like Clark Kent dashing to a convenient phone booth, a metamorphosis into something unbeknownst to himself but was inside all along. And like all emanations, what comes out, what takes on conceptual materialistic qualities is given a name that acts as a mantra to summons the secret knowledge of what we’re meant to be and do.

Call it the soul, the psyche, a daemon but when it’s called forth, held in the grasp of one’s reach and helps the transfiguration of one’s life; it’s used to summons truth and love as a beacon of light in a dark tunnel.

The change is not in thought only, but a complete renaissance in personality, thinking, habits, etc. What we eat, read, watch, notice… underlined into a mindful nuanced mode of thought that branches out like a tree into every aspect of the self from the outer branches to the deep roots.

This isn’t easy, it may never be fully realized. It’s an everyday battle but it’s a battle we will conduct for completion of the epochs of our lives. This is our life’s work; totally devoted to this quest in harmony with all that has gone before. It is atonement with the universe. To understand the total relationship between what is within and what is without. To see that the farthest star exerts its influence on us; its radiant glow traveling through many centuries. The birth to our awareness is at hand, just follow the road of light and love by way of the heart.


*Photo courtesy of  Pixabay


12 thoughts on “Papillon

  1. JC, you have picked one of my favourites. Butterfly, Pappillon, Pshyche…..
    so many names for a beautiful creature that will guide us and teach us love.
    Together with birds they make my heart sing.

    Yes, we do go through many changes as we meet with difficulties and joys.
    They all affect us and maybe teach us to open our hearts wider. To forget what was hardship, to forgive ourselves and others. At the end we might shine and spread light to our fellow travellers.

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    1. Thank you, Miriam, for your words on the mystical butterfly. Truly they are creatures of positive change and beauty. And yes to help us in spreading light on our fellow travelers.


  2. There’s a connection we have with the universe that is sublime and mysterious. When I think of the caterpillar that transforms into the majestic butterfly, I can’t help but think that in our coffins as we rest for eternity, there is so much more that we become. I soar to higher places of contemplation when I read your words, JC. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts and feel enlightened and hopeful afterwards. xo

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    1. Yes, I believe that we are so much more than we can even comprehend in this life of space and time as we wait for the next go round. And if my word can give you hope that springs eternal than I am happy.

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  3. This takes off in a very deep direction, similar to many of your posts, but more singular in its teaching sense. I’ve wanted to do something like this, but have been overly cautious. Reading your work helps me see how appropriate it is to take on the mantle of a voice of reason in an unreasoning world. Thanks, JC.

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  4. Thanks! every time I post I hold back a minute or two for I know I’m entering subjects that aren’t the norm. But in the end, I press publish for I know the things I write are for me teaching me also. I am my own student.

    And yes, i agree it is proper in these times to take on the mantle of reason.

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  5. Beautiful writing. Butterflies are the perfect symbol of transformation for aren’t they’re flowers that learned to fly? I took a class once where we talked about spirituality in terms of Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, the very basic need for religious guarantees of salvation and belonging at the bottom and the experience of enlightenment or oneness at the top. The distance between a process of transformation. This post made me think of that again. Thank you. 😀

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