Across A Blue Ocean

Across A Blue OceanLetters travel across a blue ocean
Ascending toward the zenith of the heart
Fluidity gives meaning between words
A continuous song from the misty sea
In between the meaning is heaven’s gate
Where Andromeda keeps her watch
Stones set on the land to chart our course
A beacon of ancient light before light ever was
I hear a blackbird sing upon arrival
A hawk glides overhead, he knows your name
His sense of rhythm and rhyme speak of poetic vision
Abiding under your chapeau aussi blanc que le soleil d’été
Words have a way of telling more than we know
The ocean doesn’t seem so wide tonight.                                                                             I am sailing…                                                                         

For Little Bird


*Photo by Pixabay

This poem first appeared in January of 2016 under the name,'A Blue Ocean'. I felt at the time that it would grow in depth and insight and it has which prompted me to post it in its second incarnation.I hope you enjoy.

20 thoughts on “Across A Blue Ocean

  1. To be a Hawk and a poetic one at that
    to cross this mighty ocean noiselessly,
    Guided by “A beacon of ancient light before light ever was”.

    Such a romantic and beautiful poem Jeff.
    I am glad that French was one of the languages required in school.
    Wouldn’t like to miss that line.:)
    Can’t go wrong with “I’m sailing”…….
    🌈 Mirja

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Mirja. Yes, it is romantic and wonderful to feel that way. I knew you would be able to catch the French line in there… More and more I feel the need to add in french words. I guess I may be trying to honor my heritage. And yes, the song is great.


  2. Lovely, poignant writing. The image and sound of the French line (I became steeped in French by immersion aged seven) are so powerful. By a chain of thought you have given me an idea for something I am working on. Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What beautiful lines.. “Words have a way of telling more than we know
    The ocean doesn’t seem so wide tonight.”
    With the image picked and the song you posted – a great combination that is quieting…

    Liked by 1 person

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