The Road To Anjou

To be happy is to know where we should be on the path even with pain, in effect living from the still-point of our eternal flame. This is where we grow, step-by-step closer to the Grail… JC

At times the refusal of the journey is the most important part of the path, a turning point that can never be rescinded. The prince will not keep a promise made out of his own convenience to the frog that found the golden ball and returned it. The promise may have been too hard to keep or it’s thought as unimportant. Now the situation is in flux, nothing is as it was for the entire cast… the prince, the ball, and the frog. Suddenly a ship is ready to set sail for adventure; the virgin birth of the hero is at hand. But this journey is without fanfare. There will be no marching bands to send our pilgrim off. Nor will there be a ticker tape parade upon the return.

You will soon learn that this road is not so much less traveled as it is not noticed or felt unimportant until the journey is over. But rest assure, we all take it, mindful or not. And when it’s taken it is never easy, it is hard and lonely if you’re so inclined to think that way. For it is right for each traveler in each their own skin. Through all the pathways, turns and twist, one’s forced to confront oneself and the promises made. This is death and rebirth. The adventure’s fueled by your resolve. A leveling out enters your life as you accept your ever-changing transformation. The reward is wisdom…


*Photo by Pixabay

17 thoughts on “The Road To Anjou

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. It is always wonderful to have you online for you most certainly liven up the place with your wonderful post and personality. Have a wonderful week my friend.

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  1. This picture of Anjou is beautiful as is the whole town.

    I agree, we have to travel both dark days and bright. Or take a pause – just sit and watch the moon; so serene and still. Find peace.

    I don’t know what promises the prince has broken but maybe a bonfire at dusk; burning all negativity and sorrow, would cure?
    Then slip out of the harbour in peace, ready to clear-eyed meet what comes.

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    1. Thanks, Mirja. Well, the Prince is all of us and so many times we refuse the call and that refusal effects everybody involved as much as finally accepting the adventure. After the refusal and realizing he tricked the frog, the Prince gets a conciouse and earns the right to the adventure knowing for the first time that it won’t make him famous, he is humbled and does the right thing. This is the annihilation of egos.


  2. Confession: I have to say that I check in almost daily, just to see if there is something new, and I feel a surge of excitement when I see you have a new post because I know it’s going to be good, just like this one. I don’t always comment, but I do appreciate your words and thoughts…

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  3. Oh, such a special journey you offer, JC.
    as soon as my longing
    to reach such fabled city wanes
    i’m somehow transported to
    where i am on the path
    despite my misperception, otherwise
    until this sacred precious moment.
    Perhaps I’ll remember more easily
    in the next incarnation 🙂

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    1. Very true. I have so many friends who tell me that once they get rid of all the pain in their lives, then they’ll be happy. It’s hard for many to understand that one must be happy in the midst of pain.

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