01/20/17… The Day The Music Died

ROZ6I3LEBWAnd as I watched him on the stage, my hands were clenched in fisted rage
No angel born in hell could break that Satan’s spell.
So bye bye Miss American Pie
-Don Mclean

As rabid dogs and swine are digging a new swamp on hallowed ground
While the goats feed on every word of twitter’s class clown
In Russia, they celebrate for they voted too
And in London and Paris, Berlin and Madrid and all across the pond
They sing ”madman across the water” for me and for you.

And let’s erase all environmental laws, who needs them anyway
For carbon monoxide will only harm the polar bear and surely not me, not you.  

And while we’re at it how about more workhouses for children of all ages
And doing away with fair labor laws for who needs them, who?

Remember when we use to gaze at all the stars that rode the western sky
Get your iPhone, take a picture so we can remember before they fade away too
As we’ll remember these things that seem not true as memory cast its sacred doubt on you.

For our next act, we do away with anything that says affordable care
Who needs that anyway, the goats already have there’s
Now try and remember who came this way before
And the kindness in his hands

And let’s wish to God that he comes back this way again.





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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

18 thoughts on “01/20/17… The Day The Music Died”

    1. It is but today my daughter and I marched in St. Augustine and that renewed my faith in what we can do to change this. Also, Obama’s website is up, Obamafoundation.org, very cool…

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