Time Out of Mind

stocksnap_e1c68e9513_opt“To be is to be perceived.”
-George Berkeley

It’s that time again, the preeminent renewal point for the cycle of time as we know it, the new year. We see Father Time, elderly and bearded, on his one-way journey across times labyrinth, scythe and hourglass in hand. Not far behind is Baby New Year signifying the birth of another year. But in truth they’re one and the same and have never left or arrived, they just are. But we give them false attributes of coming and going… the cycle of time marching on to its inevitable and expected end. Along with resolutions for the ‘new year’ made and only broken because it’s time and if time doesn’t last forever how can a resolution endure.

The title of this post, Time Out of Mind refers to ‘time’ beyond memory. Can there be time if we aren’t there to perceive it? And is our understanding of time real? Physics tells us that our perception of time is something that flows from the past to the present to the future and this is false. But what about Einstein’s theory on spacetime you might ask? The difference in spacetime is that the past, present and future exist all at the same time so there isn’t a flow of time as we imagine it.

So if this is true, we can forget about days and weeks, no seconds or minutes; let’s do away with hours, just have eternity here and now and when you leave this earthly plain, eternity continues to the next realm which isn’t really a realm for we are in eternity, which by the way defines time and shouldn’t be used but it’s all we have as a way of measurement of time which doesn’t exist.

Now we may think of the past, present, and future as different segments of time. Well, try to concentrate and think of the moment you’re in right now. Doesn’t it belong to the past as well as the future and to the present all at the same time? It’s the same moment in existence. This is why you hear of living in the moment because our mind tricks us into believing that moment’s flow, they don’t, they exist in the ‘now’. Time is the ultimate trickster.stocksnap_avbxjssphr_opt

There is no such thing as,“I don’t have enough time”, you have eternity instead of the flow of perceived segments of time. So your life’s work just continues on and on. Hinduism and Buddhism deal with this quite efficiently in the theory of reincarnation where one comes back which is a misnomer. We won’t come back and we don’t continue onward, we just are, like a ship sailing on a tranquil cosmic ocean of being.


18 thoughts on “Time Out of Mind

  1. Something I heard recently said that even this present moment doesn’t exist, since by the time our brain perceives it, the moment has passed. You said it far more eloquently. My favorite takeaway: I don’t have time, I have eternity.

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    1. Yes, there is a delay. It is s struggle to continuously try and live right now in this minute so some of the time I’ll try and live without time. Thanks!


    1. Well, I haven’t heard of this term so I googled it (of course). So literary criticism according to different measures of spacetime? I’ll need to further wrap my arms around this on. Help!

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      1. This is exactly it. It has to do with space and time and language. I’ve never quite been able to wrap my own arms around it, so I was hoping you’d heard of it and could expound lol I do know that it’s more about how space and time coexist and the words live within those moments, or something like that. Like I said, I was really hoping you’d heard of it 🙂


  2. Thank you Jeff for this reflective post on time, so apt on New Year’s Eve. Clock time plays too big a role in daily life and leaves little space for the flow of imagination and creativity.
    “Like a ship sailing on a tranquil ocean…” sounds so right to me.
    Thanks also for the beautiful song and the images.
    After all this I still take courage and wish you a wonderful future where for a while you write 2017. :))

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    1. Thank you Mirja… I’ve always been fascinated by time and how it affects our thinking. We do worry too much about it and not about our precious moments.

      I love the music of that era. It stands up to time 🙂 And may your days be filled with light.


  3. I could never wrap my head around the concept of being in the moment. Maybe it’s the ADD, but shutting down the future and forgetting the past has always been difficult for me. So it makes sense to say it’s literally impossible to be in the moment. To me, all things past and present exist in the now. Keeping the stream of consciousness free of negativity is the goal.

    Thanks for expounding this thought, JC.

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    1. Yes, they are strange in a way because we are taught that time flows but when you think of the past and future it’s in the present moment, they all exist at the same time.

      Thanks, I hope you have a wonderful new year.


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