The Advent of the Rising Sun

“Four Ways to Love”


“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”  -Helen Keller


If I’m allowed to behold one more rising sun
Everything I see is pure as it speaks to me in rhyme
Its’ rhythm moves me forward, its’ essence leaves me in mindfulness
Where all is thou , all is sacred, all is you.

I see the sun’s’ great corona move forth from the limitless sky
It freely gives its light to the face of the moonadvent-clipart-free-clipart-images
where it will caress your face while you sleep
All of this… yes, all of this and more is for you.

The winter solstice, the sun is still as the gatekeeper holds me to the task at hand
Riddle me this… How do you keep the one you love?
Oh love, possessive it is not, selfless it is,
you can’t keep the one you love, nor tie love down or stow it away.

And in the Advent, the expectation of love into the world
Four candles bring forth a light into a circle of evergreen branches,stocksnap_c273b3a0b3_opt
a sea of eternity, a wreath to lay in every home
Candles of white, blue, purple, rose… hope, love, joy, peace.

It is when we see through our pain that we find such beauty.

Alas, the noble heart is one with its ‘other’.

Choose the path which gives the most love.


19 thoughts on “The Advent of the Rising Sun

  1. We life your thoughts. Way to be a trooper and way to put up a video of the ever so missed David. We are eager to hear your reviews on a few of our stories at Gastradamus. We would like your feedback on Blue Jasmine…Miss Scarlet…Queen Kong and I. You are awesome and everyone knows it

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful love poem that holds all the elements;
    hope, joy and peace. It lifts the spirits high…as the beautiful pictures of the clouds.
    “It is when we see through our pain that we find such beauty.” you say.
    Yes, I find this to be true.
    Happy third Advent to you Jeff.:)

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    1. And happy 3rd Advent to you, Mirja. Thank you for the kind words on my post. I wanted to bring out different aspects of love and lastly give an example of love in Advent.


  3. Beautiful post and message for the season and always. I had to take a double take with this since today I read a book review post about Helen Keller and then I also saw this youtube video song on a Swedish bloggers site! What’s the chances of that!?

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  4. Yes, an odd couple but it does work. Rumore is that Bowie did it because his mother loved Bing. Also, that Bowie hated the song Little Drummer Boy so they wrote the counter melody to satisfy him.

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