December in New Orleans

stocksnap_x7mzjn39sm_optOne of my fondest memories of Christmas as a child was riding in the backseat of a Ford station wagon along Canal Street in downtown New Orleans. The radio playing holiday classics in the background while watching the display of Christmas bells outside the front of D.H. Holmes Department Store. I’m not sure, but I seem to remember the bells moving back and forth and actually ringing to the melody of Joy To The World or was it just a plastic reproduction with the sound of bells coming from a speaker? Whether it was real or not is of no importance. For in my childlike wonder they rang loud and clear in my heart and soul. This was my first realization of Christmas, enlightened by these bells, alive in what they signified which gave me a heightened sense of wellbeing; a symbolic object bringing to my soul a feeling of hope and love in my deep-seated consciousness. 

As for D.H. Holmes, they went out of business years ago and  I can’t tell you who occupies the building or even if they have bells or lights to celebrate the season. But it really doesn’t matter, for whenever I hear bells I’m taken to the backseat of that old Ford and magically I go back in time to a Christmas that still evokes a memory in my heart, longing for home.


27 thoughts on “December in New Orleans

  1. New Orlean s is an interesting place. Glad you have good Christmas memories there. Would love to hear your thoughts on Queen Kong and I. Thanks for stopping by our blog at Gastradamus


  2. “For in my childlike wonder they rang loud and clear in my heart and soul”….JC , this is such a beautiful Christmas memory you are sharing with us. I can travel there with you. Thank you.
    What a richness to carry such memories through life. I have some myself and they create a treasure trove.

    To end with this wonderful rendition of Greensleeves really sets me up for a smiling weekend.

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  3. JC, beautiful, evocative and tender post…your first memory perfectly captured and related bringing the reader right outside D H Holmes! 😀 As a student I used to enjoy taking the train to the old city of York, meandering through the cobbled stone streets, looking and buying from the little shops down the alleyways, taking a break in its magnificent cathedral…alas it is many hours travels from us now so haven’t ventured there for years.

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    1. Thank you, Annika. York sounds wonderful and just like New Orleans there is a cathedral and you had to go in. Also my favorite bookstore. I wonder how much York has changed since last you visited?

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  4. New Orleans is one of my favorite American cities. I really like this piece because of the emotion it evokes. The mind is a very interesting place where we tend to hold memories, whether beautiful, real, or imagined.

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    1. I do know what you’re saying, what makes this little scene come alive from deep within and what else is down inside the mind that should come out if we only knew how. Such secrets it withholds from us.

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