Of Words, a Raft, & a Dragonfly

dictionary-390055_640“And the raft is cast aside on the shore of destination only replaced by a new raft which in time will discard itself, inasmuch as knowledge begets wisdom.” -JC

I had a dream that I lived on an island, a faraway island where I was completely ignorant of the world and my place in it. And one day I awoke from a deep sleep only to see a Dragonfly who bid me follow. I suddenly found myself on a large raft crossing a great river. But this raft is different, it is made of words… used to communicate, examine, consider, anticipate, relate and meditate. I soon realized that this is how I make sense of life, how I compliment the world, as a reader and writer of words.

I intuitively know that these words are a poor way to communicate my understanding of the great river of life; its ebb, and flow but they are all I have. And in my contemplation I enter new realms of being; new ways of thinking afforded by this raft of words.

This new way of lucidity balances my personal mythology for as reader and writer I embrace what is subjectively true for me as others must render for themselves. In this raft, my quest is to know the self and my place in the grand design of the 10,000 things and the secrets they behold. This is the brave new world I enter upon.

Words used in different form and measure tell the story of our lives. Such stories conjunct other stories creating a collective story, word by word. When perfected, and connected, the sound of music playing in perfect harmony. They dance to the rhythm of meter and time on the road to meaning and understanding.


16 thoughts on “Of Words, a Raft, & a Dragonfly

  1. Wow, Jeff – this is beautiful – such wisdom and tranquility and just love the concept of the raft of words. May it help us all cross those big rivers in our lives! Words form such an integral part of my life I know no other way to live it.

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  2. This post is so beautiful and serene Jeff; seemingly drawn from a deep and true well within yourself.
    Words are precious as they, coupled with intuition, are our way of understanding each other and share
    how we experience this world.
    I love your image of the raft made of words. May all our words be true and lead us to wisdom and understanding of love and life.

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