The Quiet Mind

The Roaring Silence705C39100C

Dum Tacet Clamat
“While he is silent he shouts!”

In his silence, not a sound is heard yet the mind roars on and on, a never-ending barrage of incessant thoughts repetitive in kind from days present and days gone by. All words that were ever spoken are present evermore in time and space. So while he is silent he shouts of everything he ever thought or said or heard.

If you keep a journal or diary of your life from a younger age, read whatever page you want and you will see the same issues still haunt your most recent entry. As we keep going round and round like Sisyphus and his labor, we keep roaring along, never to end as nothing has changed.

“It’s alive”, said Dr. Frankenstein as he gave life to his poor creation. Yes, I pity him for what is probably most alive in this creature is the redundant thoughts in his mind.

So I search for the quiet mind and what it must mean to possibly enter such a sacred realm.

I hear the endless drip of a faucet in the stillness of dawn, I suddenly fall into a kind of daydream but without the dream where everything seems to escape from my consciousness like air from a balloon. I’m suddenly one with everything, just ‘pure being’.

Maybe just by letting go like a feather flying free as thoughts will leave just as they entered as free as we allow them… now let’s think about this, are we holding these continuous thoughts hostage out of fear of having to change course, having to set sail on unchartered waters. 

180px-Holbein_-_henryhoward01Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey.1516-1547… poet and aristocrat, he had an answer for ‘the quiet mind’. As a first cousin to Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, he was in favor with the king but as soon as Anne’s accused of adultery and executed, the king grows suspicious of the Earl’s intentions and he’s also executed in 1547. But he did leave us with his poetry of which this one is the means to attain a happy life and thus the quiet mind.

The Means to Attain a Happy Life (The Quiet Mind)

-Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. 1516–47                                                                        =                            (Translation of a poem by the Roman poet Martial)

My friend, the things that do attain                                                                                                             The happy life be these, I find:                                                                                                                     The riches left, not got with pain;                                                                                                               The fruitful ground; the quiet mind;
The equal friend; no grudge; no strife;                                                                                                         No charge of rule, nor governance;                                                                                                           Withou.t disease, the healthy life;                                                                                                               The household of continuance;
The mean diet, no dainty fare;                                                                                                                       Wisdom joined with simpleness;                                                                                                                   The night discharged of all care,                                                                                                                   Where wine the wit may not oppress:
The faithful couple without debate;                                                                                                             Such sleep as may beguile the night;                                                                                                       Content thyself with thine estate,                                                                                                                 Neither wish death, nor fear his might


17 thoughts on “The Quiet Mind

  1. JC, yet again you astound us with the beauty of your writing. Starting with a poetic stanza then to prose and back again. Wow. I love it.
    Dum Tacet Clamat is a very handsome fellow and proud I would say.

    His chattering brain echoing what so often happens with us humans until we learn to be still. Find the freedom from this chatter and hear beauty instead.
    I called my summer place “blue Feather” for the very same reason as the feather you mention. To fly spiritually free, sail I unchartered waters..
    How freeing not just to go round in circles.

    As usual your music is great, would miss if you forgot your weekly music.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Mirja, thank you so much for your understanding and comments. I believe the feather is yours for it just popped into my head while writing.


  2. Having kept journals for most of my life that paragraph leapt out at me as I stopped writing them a while ago. For that very reason – rereading them I found so much that hadn’t changed, so many issues still the same, that I felt quite deflated. Great post and may we all at some stage find that quiet mind!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment Annika. I know what you mean, a friend of mine said the same thing to me and I was so disappointed. I never wrote another word about me until this blog and I will not let it be just a diary or journal.

      Liked by 1 person

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