Changes 2 Nimbus

crow-284491_640You saw the raven sitting on a tree by the street light and multiple sets of sequential numbers following you like a lead balloon tied to your ankles. Signs are flying fast across the cosmos after what seemed an eternity. So it’s time to meet the challenge, as in Bowie, turn and face the change.

And you think you know why but yours is subjective reasoning, nothing’s that easy except when it is. Temporal colors crowd your mind but the cause is spatial in its relationship to each other; all things move in orbits of necessity. This is the slow burn into reality from what is and what should be.

There is a secret echoing through the heavens and it shows itself in every form in the tangible realm… the red-tailed hawk you saw sitting calmly on the branches of a Laurel oak at the sacred gateway of the Celts. The doe and her fawn by the river’s edge prevailed upon you a longing you couldn’t comprehend, just as Rama’s consort Sita longs for a mythical golden deer. The blue heron holding court over her subjects, each whispering you’re secret, and humming your name as the currents take them home… God’s speed. And the black bird who flies in each morning sitting on the rafters pointing east, singing a song to the great ocean.

Your changing is your coming home to an unknown sum of everything you’ve been up until this moment. What you think is calling isn’t really calling. It’s the universe wearing a disguise and its’ fooling you into thinking that mere mortals don’t have this kind of power. But you’re a part of the whole. So stop dwelling on it, the answers do come, all in good time. Just nod and wink and pay homage to the Divine wearing sunglasses at the corner store outside by the curb.

Yes, this is all FullSizeRendervery unexpected and threatening to your status quo. But someone has to turn up the volume and get you humming a new tune. Hi, de ho.



21 thoughts on “Changes 2 Nimbus

  1. Great music clip. It brought back many pleasant memories. Ah, I see the Divine in others. Sometimes my soul takes flight when I view a beautiful flower or the lake’s ripples. I enjoyed your post very much. Thanks.

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  2. Very beautiful post JC, and spiritual. An uplifting morning read.
    Yes, every event is subjective and means perhaps different to each one of us. To find that Our changing is the sum of all we have been to this moment.
    To find a stronger self, freer self and sing a more beautiful tune.

    Love your birds and music.

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  3. Patience is needed whilst waiting to see what this change might be! Not my forte but I like the thought that we are all part of the whole and as you write to ‘Just nod and wink and pay homage to the Divine wearing sunglasses at the corner store outside by the curb’. Great song again.

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  4. See now THIS is why I am SUCH a fan of Prose-Poetry, exactly because of work like THIS. I really love this. I read it three times. It has something magic about it. I thought of the Neil Gaiman I’ve read and it conjured a little of that but I don’t always compare because when something is really good like this, then it’s original. I love that. I love this. Well done!

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      1. My friend. You continue to be my friend and I hope we shall remain so, and always read each others work as that is the ultimate. I am always a big supporter of you – and even when WORST Press tries to stop me reading I will remember to xoxo

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