Mindfulness and Amnesia

door-handle-326506_640We live in the past contemplating bygone eras painted in happiness or sadness like scenes from an old movie… a wishing well of regret or yearning sailing an unsettled sea. This is the world of things we should have done, could have done but in the end, we couldn’t for we acted from a different awareness back then, a different mind. And what is one of the biggest regrets from the past? “I wish I would have been more in that moment, enjoyed it more, not let my mind wander in 50 different directions”. Ah, the mind!

Then we have the opposite; we fore-live into the future. We worry, hope, fear and think the future to death. It’s a complete reversal of how we treat the past. So what’s the answer?

I saw a film the other night and one of the characters had amnesia. He hadn’t any need for sympathy as he put it for he felt lucky he was able to reinvent his life entirely from within the present moment; a direct link with the souls intuition. For maybe the soul in itself still had a command of the lessons learned from the past and future but the amnesic mind wasn’t able to interpret stimuli from remembered experience. So what was left was a pure undisturbed link between the soul and the present moment.

So should we live like someone with amnesia? You can’t remember the past and thus, can’t think of a future since one leads to another and so the masks we grew to love and hate are suddenly gone. Yes, a little extreme but the point is to turn a deaf ear toward the past and the future. Let your soul be pure in its discovery of who you are right now, this moment. Memory can detract from the soul and its purpose. So can anxiety over the future.

So relieve yourself of the guilt of the past; don’t let it detract you. Be aware of the fear and wanting for the future. Take short trips only in the minds time machine and practice mindfulness when it comes to stepping into the past or the future; realize where you are and don’t let it take you away. Belief in the present eternal moment. It’s all we really have.


18 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Amnesia

  1. A a beautiful posting Jeff. Written with surety, calm and loving in its nature. Every word so true, like a soft lullaby for troubled minds.
    I have had amnesia for a week after a brain damage; yes, it was blissful and I felt a deep content.
    However, I rather have my memory and practise what you put so strongly in your last paragraph.
    Bless / Mirja

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  2. I feel amnesia would be taking matters to the extreme but we can all do with learning to find the middle ground. Why is it that the past and future dominate so much of our lives, when the actual now, the present is that which is being lived? I’m as bad as anyone else but yes, trying to feel and be mindful of the present. As you write so well: ‘It’s all we really have.’

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    1. I know, mindfulness makes sense on all levels but it takes a lot of effort. How to be mindful without having to think about it… I’ve been practising for years and within a minute, my mind will drift away. Thx.JC


  3. This is so what I’ve been thinking also. Wow, it’s as if you and i had the same dream. Wonderfully expressed you put into words what i had not been able to articulate

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. I agree, our understanding of mindfulness and all it can achieve is remarkable and the younger we start, all the better.

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