Mr. Parkinson Rides Again

643FE96E84Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind.
The goal is to find it. -Buddha

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog as to my conflict with Parkinson’s disease. I say ‘conflict’ for every day is like fighting the dragon; win, lose or draw. Since I last wrote about PD, I’ve attended a 28-day clinical trial and moved to St.Augustine, Fl. which required me to find another neurologist. And since April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, this seems like a good precursor to next month’s activities.

The clinical trial tested an enhanced levodopa, one that could be taken once a day instead of three times a day which is the standard. I was all set to write about the trial but there was nothing to write about except my state of mind at being closed in from the things of this world, especially nature. Depression did visit me quite a few times. I am largely an introvert but social contact, when taken away even from an introvert, is not without its trepidations.

My routine for those 28 days consisted of taking the medication at prescribed times and then drawing  blood, checking vital signs 5 to 6 times a day and movement exercises. The highlight of my day was drawing blood and that’s saying a lot for me as I dislike needles and the site of blood especially if it’s my own.  

I moved to Florida right after the clinical trials were over and I found a neurologist whom I like. He immediately told me I was being undertreated and raised my medication levels. So I do feel good, even better since the rise in dosage although I still have intermittent days when I struggle a bit more than others. Still I’m blessed for without PD many of the people in my life at this time, I wouldn’t have met. And would not have found writing to be such a reliable and consistent companion.                        

About a week ago I clicked on the Facebook page of this blog. I inadvertently saw a segment on ABC News with Diane Sawyer about Parkinson’s. I only caught the tail end so I replayed it from the beginning and had to replay the video a couple of more times, so mesmerized I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Immediately I saw myself in the video as this could be me.

Please click on the link…   

The video shows a man being helped out of a hospital with the aid of a nurse. His hands with severe tremor as he walks hunched over, legs bending at the knees, not really walking, more like wobbling. At one point he falls as the assistant helps him back up. He makes his way to a bicycle where he’s  helped on, given a push as he rides off into the parking lot tremor free just as though he didn’t have PD. He even guides the bike and makes a u-turn.

Another man is sitting with severe tremor trying to write on an IPad, After a  50 mile tandem bike ride with his physician, he is tremor free and it last for days. Doctors believe that cycling may release a chemical that aids motor skills.     .

Sometimes the obvious solution to a problem is right in front of us. It isn’t a cure but it can alleviate some pain and suffering. Yes, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but deeper than that, its sole purpose may just be for the plain fun and freedom it affords someone who’s had to live without these things. Hopefully, we never grow too smart that we can’t appreciate the simplicity in this…


Author: JC

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

24 thoughts on “Mr. Parkinson Rides Again”

  1. It seems to me that you have gone a long way towards finding the blessings in your conflict as you so positively call it. Buddha would be amazed. All through this factual and serious post you show light and warmth. I treasure your outlook and in my own way feel re-inspired.

    Your spirituality shines and guides. The link to the two guys with P.D. Is amazing. Yes, there are productions of essential hormones but as you say; there is also the plain fun and freedom of doing something so joyful.
    The music is divine. Thank you.
    Glad you posted an update. We need to understand PD and also each other’s daily ‘conflicts’.
    Blessed be

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  2. I have passed your video clip on to a friend with PD in the hope it will help. I am curious to know if swimming also helps or exercises in water. You are certainly not alone in this world. With your blog, you are assisting countless others who may be going through similar challenges in life either with or without PD. We need only reach out. Happy writing to you. Thanks for such an excellent post.

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    1. Thank you! I wish your friend well. I would think swimming would be an excellent exercise for Parkinson. Just the relief of water and the force of it while swimming. I appreciate you’re kind words!

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  3. Good Luck to you my friend! I’m glad to see that you recognize the positive part in your diagnosis and I hope you continue to be hopeful. Also, it’s exciting to know that you’re right down the road from me! I’m in Jacksonville 🙂

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  4. I will watch that video, really amazing! You have sure been on a long journey JC and handle it with grace and strength. It sounds like the new higher medication is helping and I hope things keep going in this direction. You are a gifted writer and an example to all of us!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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  5. Your positive mindstate is really something remarkable JC I can’t even imagine what type of ordeal you live through so steadily but wow that is really incredible that pedaling can alleviate symptoms like this and that such a simple activity could have such a dramatic effect!!

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  6. JC, my best wishes are always with you. the positivity in you will keep you going, no doubt about it. Many new medicines are in trial so I hope we’ll soon fight it better. I ll pray for you my friend

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  7. Your positive spirit shines out through all your posts, JC and in the midst of a terrifying diagnosis you only seem to gain deeper strength and self-knowledge. This post is fascinating and I watched the video many times as it is truly a miracle to behold. Thank you for sharing.

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