If 6 Were 3, What I Long to Be- Act 18 & 27

Falcon-LittleBirdPure imagination, without form, the absence of ego, vertical, the strength of an oak, the rhyme between two words, the silence between two sounds, an open book, a lost manuscript, the knowing that knows it knows not, the rhythm in blues, Perceval in search of the Grail, a student of all, a teacher on call, a blue ocean, a joyful boat, a river that runs, a pond with no ripples, son of the light, a light in the dark, a smile, a good word, a horse with no reins, a blue falcon, the
left hand way, the still point, the dark side of the moon, a train in the night, acceptance, hope, faith, love, truth, intention, a symphony, a play, a comedy, pure spirit, centered, mindful, compassionate, a better man, an enlightened rogue… at peace.

©jc2016-9       Photography courtesy of Mirja

This post was first published on Dec.12, of 2014. It’s been refurbished with some word changes, music, and photography. The Link to the previous version is: If 6 Were 3, What I Long To Be- Act 9

13 thoughts on “If 6 Were 3, What I Long to Be- Act 18 & 27

  1. J.C., What an incredibly strong symphony of beautiful aural, visual, spiritual experiences you have shown us. It brings home how rich we are, even in adversity. Thank you for this “song of praise” to life itself.

    Sadly I cannot open the link or see any photo but your imagery paints them.

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  2. I love this, JC. Ethereally poetic and it is beautiful to read aloud. That’s a great photo (is it a blue falcon – I’m not too good on birds beyond the garden variety!) and as usual I’ll enjoy this song for a while on loop.

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    1. I also call them blue falcon’s. I googled it and the proper name is a Peregrine Falcon. Mirja took the picture. A very beautiful and spiritual animal. Thank you, I am glad you liked the post and the song.

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