The Call

QW4WAI4YYDAll those who wander are not lost.  -J.R.R. Tolkien

Go here, go there but don’t just go anywhere. Let it simmer, beg you, trick you into it or call your name in the wind. Then you will know where you need to be so you can ‘be’, as a bird in the sky or a tree in a forest. Erase all doubt from yourself as this is just the sound effects of fear; lose this as you would a bad dream. But even with all your hesitation and wanting certainty, your destiny’s persistent even though the road’s crooked and full of the trickster. In the end, you draw strength from the words of the Buddha, Change your vibration… change your life.”

Then comes the “ah-ha” moment when all’s decided down the streets of purpose. Things just fall into place as the moon placing the earth’s tilt to an exact degree thus affecting the seasons of the year; as you become the seasons of a new and different hemisphere… both spiritually and physically. And what seemed like a fog that surrounded you up to this point was, in fact, an illusion that existed only in your mind.  The ‘Call’ is now clear and undeniable.

Movement agitates, disturbs the status quo like the pull of the full moon on the tides; as a change in climate disturbs the Earth. Happenstance appears to haunt you. The safety net is gone and you’ve to release a game of chance but remember the Tarot hasn’t any rule over you. Movement causes the stagnate to fight against you… things go bump in the night as the old ways of being rage against the new in a battle of what was and what shall ever be. But the old is like a fading dream; ignore it, it has already passed. 

Remember that movement is also grace and beauty… as the planets move in rotation, as the very fabric of the universe moves to your lead… this is the dance that you’ve become… an ageless ritual in a new adventure. Some would drown in the waters you swim in. They have their depth, you have yours.    

Yesterday is a memory; a rich texture to bring a smile. Some chose to look at it as a Zen monk facing backwards while riding an ox. In this, he demonstrates the unknowable future. But I chose Perceval who rides his trusted mare to the Grail Castle. He lets loose of the reins and the horse leads the way. That’s the way of faith, intuition and wonder.

And on your way remember one bit of advice from a Hobbit who lived in a Hobbit house; after an adventure, one never comes back home the same.                                                                                    


12 thoughts on “The Call

  1. You have done it again JC; given us a post so poetic, philosophical and veering to spiritual.
    Beautiful. Fear lives in all beings, could we invite it on the journey but give it no vote? It might relax:).Happennstannce and stagnate. Heavy opponents to air and freedom of flight. The reward when you let go is dizzying. Percival sounds the right choice to me.

    And the music, thanks. So freeing and non judging

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    1. Thank you Mirja. It is surprising when you make a move and suddenly things start happening to aid in your journey and at the same time to try and stop you. It’s like the door is ajar and now it’s your move.


  2. Lovely you start with a quote from one of my favourite books and finish with such an upbeat song that resonates with life – a song on an album that saw my husband and I through a 1200 mile round trip in Sweden the first summer we met. Great memories and gave me just the lift I needed!

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    1. I’m glad I could awaken in you such wonderful memories. I’m ready for another fix of Tolkien… I can’t think of a better album to take on a road trip. Thank you, Annika!

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  3. I have read this twice and find it very uplifting. It is like a mantra for life and it is something I want to copy and keep in my pocket to remind me that you can always change providing you have the confidence to let the future take its course.

    Thank you for making me re-evaluate my life!

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    1. Thank you for such a compliment. I am very honored. In the end, this is the reason I write, to hopefully have an impact on others. I wish you well!


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