The Natural Bridge to the Universe

NaturalBridgeVA_lgMany take shelter from feeling too much within
Some will tell you it’s a mortal sin
But to know when all else fails
When all is lost down the streets of desire
The truest feeling is within the heart
That’s the only real freedom there is
The only thing they can’t take away from you
Thus to fear the gift of solitude
Is to be deprived of the comfort of one’s own company
And to subsequently demolish the natural bridge to the universe…


My Mourning Jacket – Wonderful (The Way I Feel)                                               

25 thoughts on “The Natural Bridge to the Universe

  1. This is so very deep and beautiful JC. Beauty of the words but also in the very strength
    and depth of emotions that you light up for us. To show where the real freedom is. Every word touches me deeply. Thanks for sharing this truth.
    The song is also wonderful as is the picture of the bridge. I love old bridges – be it wood or stone.

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  2. Wow! Brilliant poem that has me doing mental gymnastics to reach its spiritual centre. I love it. Oh, I almost missed the song – that would have been a pity as yet another soulful moment for the day. Thank you for sharing both with us.

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  3. Terrific piece. I’m sonofabeach96. Nice to meet you. From your front page, I presume you have PD? I’m an OT, and have worked with many Parkinson’s pt’s. Great song choice. MMJ is actually from my hometown. Have seen them many a time.


    1. Thank you so much! The photo is from northern Virginia. Thomas Jefferson owned this property and referred to it as the natural bridge, hence the name stuck.


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