The Pilgrim, the Composer, and the Captain

Public Domain-1024px-Antonio_Jacobsen_-_The_ship_Young_America_at_sea (1)Our Pilgrim recognized the three aphorisms found in the composer’s desk after his passing. They are Egyptian in origin and although all three are similar in meaning… the emphasis was to stress his conviction in the manner in which he lived.

Deciphered from the original Coptic, they translated to:

I am all that which is, I am all that is, was or shall ever be… No man that lives hath raised my veil… He is solely found himself in all things owe they’re being to him alone.

The composer certainly maintained by his actions that he was in control of his life. He believed that God is the totality of the universe. And we who are a part of that universe must have and use our creative powers toward our individual calling. Each ship sailing toward destiny must have one individual called Captain to navigate toward infinity.

Our pilgrim thought for a moment, if we believe that we are a part of the creator then the composer was correct in his summation that we’re in control of our lives and the creation flowing through it.

A pad and pen in hand, our pilgrim sat at that very same desk and wrote down these words…

I am the captain of my storm… of my fear…  of my anxiety… of my impatience… of my negativity… of my prejudice… of my animosity… of my ship of fools. I am the captain.

I am the captain of my blue sky… of my courage… of my peace… of my tolerance…  of my optimism…  of my love… of my compassion… of my ship of awareness.  I am the captain.

And which ship do I board? How to decide? Why I take the helm of both vessels, for they are one and the same as they are of me and together we sail through turbulent and calm waters off to the center of unexpected sky’s as a lover and his beloved.



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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in October of 2012. These are my writings of life and love after the fall but during a time of deep creativity either because or in spite of my illness... Peace and Love... JC

15 thoughts on “The Pilgrim, the Composer, and the Captain”

  1. Thank you JC, this posting is a wonderful start under your new title. So strong and gentle at the same time. Being a Seafarers daughter your language sits easy with me. I immediately thought, but you must be the captain of both.:))
    Maybe as time goes the captain will throw some weight from the first ship overboard.

    I have never heard the song before but am now hooked. Beautiful!

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    1. I am so sorry Mirja! I thought I had answered you. I need a vacation already. Thank you for your kind words. And yes I did think of you and the sea. I believe this captain has just about cleared the ship of dead weight… JC


  2. This is beautiful JC and as usual this has me delving into my intellect and emotions! 😄 Deeply philosophical, poetical in its nature. I too seem to straddle both boats, which are the one! Less stormy these days, more blue skies and calm.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Annika, I am so sorry. I thought I had answered you. Thank you for your thoughts. I try and ride the good boat but that other one is never too far behind. I guess it’s knowing it’s there and that may keep it at bay.

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  3. The Reading Cottage: The Platform For Books, Feature Articles, Book Reviews, Interview, Culture, Lifestyle , Entertainment says:

    Thanks for sharing the song of ‘The Beach Boys.’ They are my favourite group. ‘God only knows and Sloop John B’ are my favourite songs by the group.


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