2016… A Leap Into

IMG_2194We see Father Christmas wave goodbye as we enter another new year. Disappointed as to what was not achieved last year we turn to the future and what might be. The truth is what might be is here and now, in this moment and Father Christmas has never left. It is a cycle we ride just assuredly as time bends in space we bend time to our personal space. The cycle is horizontal as we never touch the ground to our being.

Somewhere, somehow, we need a little vertical in our lives, to touch the good earth, the ground of our being and just listen, void of all concepts and get back to human nature. This does not insinuate that we become entrenched in deep roots of opinionated beliefs. We must plant roots that are always open to the environment at any given time. Trees have roots planted in the ground but you notice they sway in the wind changing directions but still keeping roots; they know their ‘tree nature’ just as flowers follow the path of the sun with roots planted in the rich loam of the earth.

When the Buddha was meditating under the Bodhi tree for what would be his moment of enlightenment,  he pointed to the ground and touched the earth symbolizing the earth’s favor with her enlightened son. And also, confirmed the union between Heaven and Earth. Furthermore, it signified the depth of the universe outside and its equivalent inside. This is what we’re discovering, the vast universe outside and inside ourselves. Like explorers in days of old, we continue this epic call to adventure throughout eternity. Let us indeed have the best of New Years and let it begin at this moment.


15 thoughts on “2016… A Leap Into

  1. Time is fluid like the water
    Like the air we breathe….
    Thank you JC for this highly spiritual post. You are stretching our bounderies which is wonderful:)) I like this epic adventure to discover the universe outside and inside ourselves.
    So will join you.

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    1. Thank you Mirja for your lovely words in contemplation of the inner adventure. And what better time to start than now. Thanks for joining me.on this grand idea.


  2. A very moving post JC. May we all live this coming year on all levels, grounded to reality with the day to day life, but touching and floating along on the spiritual cosmos as well. Wishing you a Happy New Year and may it bring you many moments of joy and soulful reflection.

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